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Alimony is an integral part of the divorce. However, many people have many questions regarding Alimony and many misconceptions regarding the same. Therefore, this blog will answer some frequently asked questions about Alimony.

What do you mean by Alimony?

Alimony is a type of financial aid given by one ex-partner to the other after the legal split of the marriage. Alimony is also known as spousal support. Consult divorce attorneys Madison to learn about your rights regarding Alimony.

What is temporary Alimony?

Temporary Alimony is a type of Alimony granted while the divorce is still being processed. It is to provide financial support to the spouse till the divorce is finalized. After the finalization of a divorce, an alimony order may or may not be granted by the court. If given, the amount will be higher or lower than the amount of temporary Alimony.

What is meant by “separate maintenance”?

Separate maintenance is a type of financial support from one partner while the marriage is still active. The court will grant the order for the payment of separate maintenance if the wealthy spouse refuses to offer support to the other spouse in need. Separate maintenance occurs when the spouses do not wish to divorce legally but want to stay away from or get legally separated.

What is the aim of Alimony?

Alimony is granted to give the necessary support to a spouse in need. The person seeking Alimony must prove to the jury that they are in dire need of financial assistance. Along with that, it must be shown that the other spouse can give the said financial assistance.

What steps do you take to get Alimony?

You can seek Alimony during divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse manage to agree on the Alimony, you can ask the jury to include it in the court order. If you and your spouse fail to reach an agreement, the judge will intervene and check if you deserve Alimony or not. On the complaint for divorce form, you can fill in the section for Alimony and then file it with the court.

What if I initially decide I do not need Alimony but change my mind later?

It is essential to request Alimony when the case is still being processed. After the end of divorce proceedings, you lose the right to seek Alimony. So make sure you make a wise decision within that time frame.

Are men allowed to ask for Alimony?

Yes, either spouse, regardless of their gender, can seek Alimony. They will be granted the same if they fulfill the requirements.

What should I do if my spouse wants Alimony, but I am financially unable to pay?
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When one spouse seeks Alimony and the other spouse rejects the demand, the matter is taken to the judge, and they decide if it should be paid or not. The judge decides the amount and payment of Alimony according to the spouse’s situation.


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