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There has been an upsurge in conversations about lengthening the academic school year, fewer holiday vacations, or longer school days as schools continue to adjust and adapt their curricula to fit the requirements of the children in these unusual times. The general opinion has been in support of maintaining school vacations and holidays as-is, nevertheless. Holidays for over 50’s  let you go where you want, when you want.

The academic school year is largely comprised of the summer and winter breaks. Students typically attend 180 days of school, with the remaining days being spent at home or on vacations. Holidays are anticipated by both families and kids as a reprieve from daily life and schoolwork, but there is rising concern that American students do not spend enough time in the classroom. Holiday getaways, however, have often been shown to be more advantageous than harmful.

1.     Family time

Families frequently gather together around holiday breaks to spend time with one another.

Students get the chance to spend time with their families, discover their history, and participate in cultural heritage and rituals, which are most frequently performed around festive occasions. Winter vacations and extended breaks give families a chance to reconnect and students a chance to divert their attention from classwork and homework to catch up with family and friends.

2.     Mental pause

Holiday breaks offer for free time for relaxing or engaging in a variety of activities of one’s choosing, which has been shown to be extremely helpful for students’ mental health and welfare. In addition to balancing six or seven classes, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs after school, and their own social life, students also manage a variety of other duties.

Students are typically not given enough credit or recognition for meeting their obligations and making sacrifices in order to reach challenging academic goals. But regardless of level, all students should carve out time for their own mental health and wellbeing. When organized well, school breaks allow students the chance to unwind from hectic class schedules, promote rest, and provide the motivation they need to refocus and complete their assignments.

3.     Physical wellbeing

Holiday vacations have not only been shown to be extremely beneficial for mental health, but they are also unquestionably advantageous for physical health. When a person’s mental health is in balance, their physical health benefits as well. Because tension and anxiety are typically lower when there are breaks, one’s mood and energy are consequently improved. Additionally, not having a deadline or schedule frees up more time for walks, workouts, and other physical activities.

4.     Vacations and travel

The holiday season always sees an increase in travel. There are still ways to travel and enjoy new locations or old familiar surroundings in a safe manner, even though a lot of travel has been restricted over the past year.

 Being able to return home to celebrate with family, friends, and the community helps people who are expatriates to reassert their identity and connection to the customs of the community. Traveling is good for the mind, body, and spirit since it gives people the chance to experience new things and take a vacation from their regular lives.


Once students have had the chance to spend time in various settings and make memories that will last a lifetime, they are more likely to return to complete the school year on a high note.


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