A Guide to Camping in Comfort with Your Family

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Connecting with nature is a great way to bond as a family. You’ll collect new memories and form traditions that could last a lifetime. By utilizing modern gear, you can camp in comfort while coming face to face with the great outdoors. Keep reading to uncover ten conveniences that’ll make you want to go camping again and again.

1. Solar Energy Banks

Solar energy helps campers worry less about how they’ll power a multitude of devices and accessories in remote locations. Solar power banks can keep your phone charged without needing to hunt down power outlets. If, for example, your bank houses a 25,000 maH power capacity, that means you’ll be able to charge your phone roughly three to four times before needing to be recharged. Power banks can take between 25-50 hours to recharge. To avoid running out of power, try leaving your bank out in the sun right after you’ve recharged your phone once or twice. For an all-in-one device, try seeking out banks that also act as a flashlight so you don’t run out of light when you need it the most.

2. Roof Top Tents

Enjoy the traditional experience of camping in a tent without having to toss and turn on the cold, lumpy ground. Roof top tents secure to the top of your vehicle, and come equipped with a built-in mattress that you don’t have to inflate. A roof top tent for sale makes it easier on you and your partner to go out camping with ease. It also is more safe as you are not on the ground with wildlife. There are great choices that will include a sturdy ladder as well as the option between a hard or soft roof.

2. Portable Picnic Tables

Avoid dirty picnic tables by packing your own. Most options are foldable and come with attached benches. Some include extra storage and overhead umbrellas for keeping cool while you eat. Accessories like fitted sheets and food covers provide an extra layer of cleanliness and protection for portable or provided picnic tables.

4. Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Although thermal sleeping bags and electric heaters will definitely keep you warm, heated gloves offer a long-term solution for chilly outdoor activities or for when your fingers just won’t stay warm. Most options come with three different heat settings. Waterproof options are also available and advised for cold, rainy weather.

5. Portable Toilets

Your camping location need not be limited by the availability of nearby restrooms. Portable toilets provide a seat for doing your business, with some even offering a flush pump so that you can send any waste into a detachable compartment for easy disposal. Flush pumps include freshwater tanks both reducing the frequency of toilet bowl cleanup and making it easier to send waste into the provided compartment. Some portable toilets just offer a seat and some use gravity-powered flushers. No matter your choice in portable toilets, they offer the convenience of home no matter where you camp.

6. Rinse Kits

You can avoid public shower stalls or the complete inability to wash up, by utilizing rinse kits. Rinse kits normally come with a shower head, and can be purchased with car accessories to allow for heated water. You can also purchase private shower awnings for staying covered while you wash up. Rinse kits work by utilizing a water tank, allowing for cleansing showers that last for several minutes or more depending on the individual product.

7. Roll Top Kitchen

Roll top kitchens feature countertops and storage space for your portable kitchen appliances, food, and utensils. They offer areas to cut up veggies, areas to set up your travel grill, and more. The foldable product looks like a kitchenette and sits atop four wheels so that it becomes simple to move no matter how much is placed on top of it.

8. Awnings

Awnings can provide ten degrees or more of cooling relief by shielding you from the sun’s UV rays. They can be enclosed to form a private room or open to allow for even more breeze. Different variations allow for an escape from bugs or even let you attach them to your car to prevent the possibility of the wind temporarily toppling them over.

Conclusion for Camping in Comfort

Using any of these modern camping conveniences will make your family trip more comfortable. With these comfort essentials, you’ll avoid harsh temperatures, stay washed up, and keep your phone charged at all times. The comforts don’t stop there, you could additionally consider movie projectors for late-night entertainment or heated blankets for added warmth. Luckily, however you choose to camp, you’ll know that comfort can be had for the entire family.


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