A Comprehensive Guide to Builder Hall 10 Base Layouts and Weapons

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Clash of Clans (CoC) has evolved into one of the most popular mobile strategy games, engaging millions of players worldwide. Builder Hall 10 (BH10) is a pivotal stage in the game, introducing advanced structures and weapons that significantly impact base layout strategies. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate world of Coc Layout, exploring the arsenal of weapons available at BH10 and dissecting effective base layouts.

The Arsenal of Weapons at Builder Hall 10

1. Mega Tesla:

The Mega Tesla is the signature defense at BH10, packing a powerful punch against both ground and air units. When activated, it releases a devastating burst of energy that damages nearby troops. Placing this defensive juggernaut centrally in your base is crucial, as it can eliminate hordes of troops and thwart enemy attacks.

2. Giga Inferno:

The Giga Inferno is the upgraded version of the BH9’s Roaster. It emits a beam of fire that deals immense damage to units within its range. The Giga Inferno strengthens over time, reaching its maximum potential when the Builder Hall is under a certain percentage of damage. It’s wise to position this weapon strategically to maximize its effectiveness during an attack.

3. Scattershot:

The Scattershot is a powerful splash damage Clash of Clans Base Builder defense that targets both air and ground units. It shoots explosive shells in a spread pattern, making it effective against groups of troops. Placing the Scattershot at the core of your base can help control the battlefield by mitigating the impact of swarming attackers.

4. Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines:

These traps are crucial for defending against air attacks. Air Bombs deliver devastating splash damage to air units, while Seeking Air Mines target and eliminate powerful airborne threats. Distributing these strategically across your base disrupts the path of air units, making it challenging for attackers to execute successful aerial assaults.

5. Giant Cannon:

The Giant Cannon is a formidable defense that targets high-hitpoint units, dealing massive damage. It can obliterate tanks and giants with ease. Placing the Giant Cannon in a position where it can focus on high-health troops is essential for a robust defense against ground attacks.

6. Guard Post:

The Guard Post houses defending troops that aid in fending off attackers. Choosing the right combination of troops for your Guard Post and placing it strategically within the base can catch opponents off guard and turn the tide of battle.

Builder Hall 10 Base Layout Strategies

Creating an effective Town Hall 10 Base layout involves a meticulous understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each defense. Here are some key strategies for optimizing your base design:

1. Centralized Mega Tesla and Giga Inferno:

Placing the Mega Tesla and Giga Inferno at the core of your base ensures that they cover a large portion of the layout. This centralization maximizes their impact on attacking forces, making it difficult for opponents to penetrate deep into your base without facing their formidable firepower.

2. Symmetrical Placement of Defenses:

Achieving symmetry in your base layout helps distribute defensive capabilities evenly. This ensures that all sides of your base are well-protected, preventing attackers from exploiting weak points. Symmetry can also confuse opponents, making it harder for them to predict the pathing of their troops.

3. Anti-Air Placement:

To counter air attacks effectively, scatter Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines strategically across your base. Placing them near high-value targets like the Builder Hall and key defenses helps neutralize airborne threats before they can inflict significant damage.

4. Compartmentalization:

Divide your base into compartments to slow down attackers and disrupt their troop pathing. Compartmentalization can make it challenging for opponents to reach the core of your base, giving your defenses more time to eliminate threats.

5. Guard Post Placement:

Position the Guard Post strategically to surprise attackers. Placing it near high-traffic areas or key defenses can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their planned assault. Experiment with different troop combinations to find the most effective defense for your Guard Post.

6. Adaptability:

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of base layouts can vary based on the current meta and troop compositions. Regularly update your base to adapt to new attack strategies and stay ahead of the competition.


Coc TH10 Base in Clash of Clans requires a deep understanding of the available weapons and a strategic approach to base layout. By carefully placing defenses, traps, and Guard Post troops, you can create a formidable base that stands strong against a variety of attack strategies. Stay vigilant, stay adaptive, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Builder Hall 10 champion in Clash of Clans.


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