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Hey, dog lover! Finally, your parents have agreed to welcome a pet into the family. The pet will not only become a part of your family, but it will make a special place in everyone’s heart. 

But remember, parenting a dog is not as easy as you think because having a pet comes with great responsibility and lots of naughtiness. 

Along with mischief, you want your dog to be well-behaved, So after consulting a few people, you may think of training programs for your dog. 

After having so many opinions, your mind is filled with myths regarding dog behavior training programs. But, you still feel reluctant to make your furry friend join the training programs.

So, here we’ll decode seven dog behavior training myths that can help your furry baby become a well-mannered dog. 

Seven Myths of Dog Training Behaviour

  1. Dogs need a training before a certain age

Many dog parents think that there’s a certain age before which a dog needs training, but it is a half truth. 

While it is true that training a puppy is easier, that does not mean an older dog cannot be trained. With the right approach or techniques such as praising, giving treats can make an older dog learn faster. And because older dogs calmness trainers feel it is easier to train an older dog. 

  1. All the dog are not meant for training

You’ve probably heard people say not all dogs are meant for training, but that’s not true. Every dog, regardless of breed, can be trained with the right approach, like using rewards. Some people believe certain breeds are easy to train, but it’s not that simple. Training success depends more on the method than the breed itself.

  1. To train your dog punishment is must

Punishment is the key for training your dog is the biggest myth that ever exists. Sometimes punishments like shock collars in dog training sessions can be harmful for your dog. Just like humans, dogs also need love and care, so a positive method like rewarding good behavior can be more effective than punishments. Additionally it will help in making the bond stronger between the owner and the dog. 

  1. Dogs don’t need a Professional training to obey

Puppy training in Toronto is not a must, but it can make a difference in your dog’s obedience. While dogs can learn to obey without professional training, it might be tricky to teach them everything on your own. For those finding it challenging, consider puppy training in Toronto. Professionals there know how to teach dogs new tricks and good behavior, enhancing your dog’s overall obedience and manners.

  1. Dogs understand English

It’s a myth that dogs only understand English. Dogs really get your love and actions, not a specific language. While they might learn some words, the key is how you act with them. And remember, all dogs are the same; they don’t have a preference for a particular language like English.

  1. Using physical force training is effective

Some pet owners think that applying a physical approach while training a dog is effective, but it is totally false. Physical force training or dominance based methods are totally denied by dog trainers. The trainers prefer group dog training for rewarding good behavior of dogs. 

  1. All dogs have same training 

It’s a misconception to assume all dogs can be trained uniformly. Each dog is unique, especially in size. When engaging in group dog training, it’s vital to account for factors like breed, temperament, and personality. Recognizing these individual traits enables a tailored training approach, addressing the specific needs of each dog in the group.


Now that you know the myths, take action! Enroll your dog in a behavior training program to ensure they’re well-behaved. Remember, age doesn’t limit learning, and every dog can be trained with love and positive methods. 

Professional help or group training can strengthen your bond. Break the myths, embrace training, and enjoy a happier relationship with your furry friend!


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