5 Must Have Characteristics For Successful Real Estate Investing

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Take a look at any of the two books about investing in real estate and you’re bound to receive a little bit similar, yet there are a variety of opinions about the actions an investor must do if they are looking to succeed. One of the advantages being a member of the board of directors for two distinct organizations for real estate investment and having interaction with a variety of investors, I am able to say that there’s no specific list of traits or a list of steps to follow and certainly no “pillars” or “magic bullets” to follow to ensure success. What I can assure you is that the same traits that ensure that anyone is successful in their work can also be applied to real estate investors.

There are however certain traits that appear to apply to all real property investors who have managed to make it work. In addition that those who fail (for different reasons) they are almost always lacking one of these characteristics. If you want to achieve success in the field of real estate investment, these five characteristics are the ones that everyone have to exhibit at least one of them.

The 5 C’s of Successful Real Estate Investing

Competence of Subject

It’s an obvious fact that anyone trying to achieve success in any investment or business strategy will take time to master the internal workings of the business before getting started. At a minimum, being skilled in the fundamentals of the business is a must. Incorporating a local association, or a group made up of property investors could be a good starting point after which you can absorb the most educational material feasible. There are numerous books available on the shelves of real estate at your local bookstore which could be a good starting point. Be a sponge and soak all the information you can so that you are proficient in the particular concepts, terms and ideas to invest in real property.

Control of Emotions

Have you heard of the phrase “In the end, “…in the end, emotions determine every moment of the day!” If you’re investing in real property. This is not the situation. It is essential to be in control of your feelings with each choice you take as an investment. If you’re investing using an approach of fix and flip, you shouldn’t let your emotions determine your decision to purchase in a specific area, in a specific property, or opt at a price higher than the cut-off point. Similar rules apply to those who buy for a long-term investment. Don’t let emotions influence your decision making, for instance the reduction of your monthly income because you like the property. Establishing strong financial objectives and a path to achieve them is an essential step for investors and you must not let emotions influence your decisions or alter the goals.

Comprehension of Market

One of the risks of becoming more knowledgeable about the techniques for real estate investments generally is the chance that the strategies you’ve been reading about and learning might not be applicable to your specific market. This is why connecting with like-minded people or joining an investment club or association is crucial. Be a follower of those who have been successful in a specific market prior to you. Explore your market, explore the areas you would like to invest in, and inquire about those who have had success in the market you are in. It is imperative to understand what investment strategy you intend to use will interact in the specific market you are investing in. Knowing your market and constructing plans that works on the basis of what is working instead of what you intend to accomplish, is the key to success.

Consistency of Action

This is a huge problem for many investors who are just beginning their journey and investors who have the taste of success, but are driven to do more, more and more. As an early investor, you need to develop your own strategy for investing. Do you intend to purchase and hold on to a property in order to get a long-term returns or are you looking for a property is fixable and sell. Your plan can always be altered, but not your fundamental steps to success. The majority of entrepreneurs will say that they have achieved success through taking the fundamentals consistently and creating the best habits from the beginning. As an investor, regardless of the method you decide to use you will have to follow things you need to follow each day, week, or each month. Be consistent in your approach is the most significant challenge you’ll face. If you can overcome it, your success will be almost certainly following.


I’m not sure that this feature requires any explanation. There are always shortcuts and there is always someplace providing an “magic formula” for success. Don’t buy! Don’t go for the easy way Do not choose the shortcuts. I have never suggested taking the path that isn’t well-traveled to experience something new. Be true to your own values and take a business transaction and all your relationships as you’d prefer to be treated. If you think a deal is too promising and seems too good to be real, just walk away. There aren’t any actions you can undertake that will be able to repair the character damage by the inside. The good thing about deciding investing in real estate is the fact that you have always new opportunities to invest. It is not necessary to compromise your values to get a deal!

After working with many investors, both those who have been successful and those who haven’t, I am able to affirm that this is a great place to start. Success is for those who will do the work and become the best. My company have worked with investors on all levels . I can tell you that those investors who achieved the greatest success showed these traits.


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