4 Ways to Make Exquisite Paper Cigarette Boxes

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Looking at how to make your tobacco products the focal point for smoke lovers? Smokers are in search of unique and special products rather than ordinary ones. Therefore, the fabulously packed cigarettes get more attention from potential customers. Moreover, it gives countless benefits to one’s business in marking them to the sky. Many types of smoke boxes are available on market. Now it is up to you what type of packaging you prefer for your cigarette products. Paper cigarette boxes are one the demanding ones that up-rank your brand and protect your product in the best manner.

Regardless of your skill level, you can create classy paper boxes of cigarettes. Here are four useful tips to get you started:

Designing a Classy Tobacco Box:

Numerous tips should be considered while designing a classy cigarette box. First of all, keep in mind that cigarettes are intended for adults. Therefore, you may not have to go overboard in using vivid colors. You can go for a minimalistic look by eccentrically choosing a couple of colors. You can either go with the CMYK model of color printing, which uses four basic colors. The CMYK model is also affordable. For more sophisticated color schemes, you can go with the Pantone Matching System, which uses different color codes.

Another important thing to consider while designing paper cigarette packaging is the style. Tobacco brands try to portray themselves as an icon of adventure and daring. Thus, they developed a special type of packaging for the product, which was more colorful, catchy, and trendsetting.

Classy Printing Options:

Custom printed paper cigarette boxes offer great finishing options like spot UV, glossy or matte coatings, debossing or embossing, and gold or silver foiling. One of the most luxurious aspects of tobacco packaging is the embossing technique used on the packaging. The process of embossing can be used to create unique designs that are attractive and enticing. Prints are an excellent choice for attracting attention and conveying a clear message to potential consumers. Special printing techniques such as flexography, digital printing, or offset printing are used to beautify them. PMS model printing will give your cigarette box a vibrant look and stand out on the retailer’s shelf.

An attractive logo and brand name are the most affordable way to create brand recognition and respectably present your tobacco product. With the right design and prints, packaging makes your brand stand out and generates more sales for your business.

Kraft Paper Cigarette Boxes:

Do you want to promote ecological packaging for your cigarette products? Searching how to mark your cig brand as eco-friendly? You can get profitable results by using Kraft as the packaging material. Your box material dictates your brand’s image and quality in front of a vast population. You can also use paper material for custom pre-roll packaging. It will help to reduce the packaging cost and make an appealing design.

Kraft cigarette boxes are a classic choice for cig packaging. Kraft is the paperboard material that gets from wood pulp and is easily available in the market. Moreover, they are cheap and durable. This type of packaging is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and reflects the great quality of the cigarettes inside. Besides that, custom-printed Kraft packaging has multiple benefits for your business. You can customize your pack according to your desired shape, or size that perfectly fixes your cigarettes safely and prevent any deformation during the transportation or shipping process. Moreover, Kraft easily attains your desirable designs and prints that are considered effective promotional tools for your tobacco brand.

Cost of the Paper Cigarette Packaging:

When it comes to the packaging of your cig, there are many factors to consider. Besides quality, printing, and trendy options you have to consider the cost. The affordable paper boxes of cigarettes are alluring and capture more attention from the industrialist or manufacturer. Various interesting discount offers and wholesale deals are offered by the packaging companies. These are the pocket-friendly and time-saving opportunities which are proven advantageous by many businessmen. Before working on the wholesale boxes one should know well the wholesale dealer demands and market ongoing trends. 

You can save your pennies to a greater extent by taking wise decisions at right time. Consider your budget while selecting the packaging material and printing options. For example, if you have a limited budget then go towards the Kraft or cardboard material that is cheap and easily accessible in the market. Similarly, consider digital or screen printing if you go through a budget crisis.

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