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A unique comic book company launched in October 2023. Owned and operated by some of the most well-known comic creators in the country, Ghost Machine Comics will have exclusive rights to the titles it releases in collaboration with Image Comics. Here are four series from Ghost Machine Comics that every comic book enthusiast is sure to love.

1. Geiger

Created by Geoff Johns, the comic book series Geiger is a dystopian story that takes place years after America was ravaged by a nuclear war. Few people survive in the radioactive landscape. The world is dominated by Organ People and Nightcrawlers, two groups that strike fear in the hearts of most surviving outlaws. There is one man, however, who can hold the bad guys at bay. His name is Geiger. The series follows his exploits as he struggles for survival in the wasteland.

2. Redcoat

As a spinoff from GeigerRedcoat features many of the same characters. It follows the story of Redcoat, an Outlaw who fought in the American Revolution and honed his fighting skills. He also fought in the Unknown War and crossed paths with Geiger as he tried to find his place in the ravaged wasteland of radioactive America. The series Redcoat follows the main character as he strikes out on his own and figures out how he fits into the post-war world. The series was also created by Geoff Johns, so it continues exploring the universe you love from Geiger.

3. Rook: Exodus

After being transported to another world and receiving a second chance as a farmer, Rook discovers that his new world is one where humanity masters nature. As a Warden, he has the unique opportunity to either guard the war-torn world or take measures to save it and restore the natural balance between nature and humanity.

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4. Family Odesseys 

Travel through time with the Rocketfellers and experience the world through the eyes of various family members. The series explores the complicated dynamic between family members and close friends. Fall in love with all of the characters and experience the hijinx that comes with time travel.

If you love comic books, these series are ones you must add to your collection. These series are from some of your favorite creatures, and the action-packed pages are super to keep you entertained for hours.


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