3 Painful Mistakes You LetmeDate Might Be Making Your Marriage

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Marriage can be great at times and other times make you question. Your critical thinking skills. Would you be willing to take a lie detector test in front of your spouse? How would you answer the question> LetmeDate “Do you love your spouse. How much stress would it be answering. “Are you still in love with your spouse. How about, “If you had a chance to do it all over again.
Would you marry your spouse”?

Do those questions make you a little tense or nervous

What would your answers be? Would you pass or fail the test? A better question might be, what would your spouse answer?

Unless you are perfect you most likely

are making some mistakes in your marriage. It’s normal and expected. The key to having a good or great marriage is learning. From your mistakes. And not having to constantly try to recover from the same mistake. If you are going to make mistakes. At least try to make new ones. Otherwise. You end up looking like either a liar or just a selfish non-caring individual.

There are 3 mistakes you might be making in your marriage that down. The road might cause great pain, as noted below.

Being Single Minded.

in mind of sharing their lives together, forever. Unfortunately in some instances. It’s just words uttered for a brief moment at a wedding ceremony. It sounds nice when the words. The two shall become one” are spoken. However,  a few months into the marriage. The self-sustaining characteristic begins to rear its ugly head.

The desire to do things ones own way

and fulfill ones own desires starts to enter the marriage. The problem is the more one spouse seeks independence the more the other spouse starts to be controlling. What you end up with is a tug-of-war kind of marriage. Two individuals going in opposite directions and the more they pull the more strain is placed on the relationship. Eventually the strain is too great and the marriage dissolves.

If you want to keep your marriage strong, avoid the mistake of being single minded.

Avoiding Reality

There are some couples who live in denial or in a fantasy land.

They see the marriage others have or perhaps the ones their parents have and assume theirs will be the same. The house with the white picket fence, 2 kids and a couple of cool vehicles don’t bring happiness to the marriage. Things and stuff don’t make couples stick together. If that were the case, wealthy folks would never get divorced.

The reality is that every marriage has its ups and downs. It takes work and not things to help a marriage last.

If you want your marriage to be healthy, be honest with your feelings and be real with each other. Avoiding reality will hurt your marriage in the long run.

Losing Your Best Friend

Short of participating in an arranged marriage, most couples were best friends before they got married. They talked about any and everything. Drank out of the same cup and ate off the same plate.

When is the last time you fed your spouse a meal and kissed in-between bites? Remember those romantic walks to nowhere?

Your spouse was and should be your best friend. It’s not like you live in separate states. However, sometimes you develop different interest and your friendship slowly fades away.

Avoid the mistake of losing your best friend if you want to keep your marriage together.


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