3 Best Subscription Services in 2022

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The Value of the Subscription Box

Subscription services today have expanded far beyond CDs sent in the mail or magazines. Nowadays, consumables can be acquired via a monthly subscription and delivered to your home in a box. Almost everything you can conventionally buy at a store is available on subscription through one sort of box or another; from candies to video games, and everything in-between.

Here we’ll briefly cover three of the most popular subscription services in 2022. We’ll cover new services, existing services, and those that have been around since this trend began to redefine commerce in the USA.

1. Exceptional Flower Boxes

One of the most amazing things about subscribing to a service providing a box of flowers every month is that you can get floral arrangements usually only available at one time of year.

Now granted, it will depend on the flower service, but you’ll find some very worthwhile options in the link. Especially when you consider that cut flowers don’t tend to last longer than a month, a flower box is a perfect way to continuously refresh the floral décor of your home.

2. Keeping Well-Shaved and Frugal

While Dollar Shave Club may not be the favorite new subscription service of 2022, it’s one of the oldest subscription box services out there and is well-known for its effective business model. Dollar Shave Club helped get the whole trend going. Basically, guys spend too much money on razors, and not always to their benefit.

Guys reading this, we’ve all been there. We’ve shaved our face with a dull razor for weeks or months because the chore of getting a new one is too annoying, or it seems like that particular razor should have lasted longer.

For less than you’d conventionally spend at Walmart, services like Dollar Shave Club send quality shaving equipment right to your front door. This service is as trendy today as it was when it started, and a great way to save money while staying stylish.

3. Boxes That Clue You In on the Latest Styles

The clothing options available through Wantable are stylish and gorgeous, but everybody has their own style. One of the worst things about conventional clothes shopping is that you end up buying things you fall out of love with over a few weeks, and sometimes it’s hard or impossible to return them.

conventional clothes shopping

With Wantable, you get what you like, try it out, and if you like it, you keep it. If you don’t, you send it back. It’s a perfect win-win for yourself as a fashionista or the fashionista in your life.

A Bevy of Box Options Delivered Right to Your Front Door

Style boxes for clothes, shaving accouterments, and new flowers every month are available through varying box subscription services these days, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve never tried a box subscription service before, there are quite a few available to you in 2022.


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