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When someone enters any building, the most noticeable thing is cleanliness. Here you need to understand that all the trivial cleaning chores are somehow connected with the draining system of the building. In this article, you will learn how the drainage system is linked with overall house cleanliness and maintenance. Thus, you should get drain cleaning every few months. Let’s discuss why:

Frequent Drain Cleaning saves the value of money:

One of the major concerns of homeowners is the proper flow of the drainage system. Regarding building maintenance, plumbing costs you more than any other expense. If you get drain cleaning done every month, you save the maintenance costs of any future catastrophic problem caused by inadequate drainage.

To reduce the risk of catastrophic drain issue

When the draining issue gets catastrophic, it costs you a tremendous amount of plumbing and causes mental stress. In such scenarios, you would face leakage, corrosion, sewage problems, and compromised hygiene.

To prevent foul odor in your house

Everyone’s house smells natural, but no one likes terrible odors. When you don’t take a clogged drain seriously, your entire house /office will get a foul smell. Sometimes people are unaware of the reason behind the consistent lousy fragrance in their houses. The reason is that a drain gets clogged when you don’t get its cleaning done, and a clogged drain spreads a foul smell throughout the entire house. 

Sound drain system saves your health and time

A flawed drainage system affects your health and lifestyle. Different drain cleaning service providers can save you time if you hire them for drain inspection after every few months. A flawed drain system can cause severe breathing issues, and you can be infected by poor hygiene. The easiest method is using different acids for drain holes with some precautions once every month.   

It can save roofs and walls from dampness

 The above-suggested method is a time and money saver in different aspects. Have you ever observed that after rain, some chunks of rainwater stay on your rooftop for a longer time? It usually happens near drain areas due to clogged drains. The water that remains on the rooftop for a more extended period causes dampness in your house’s inner walls and roof. In such cases, people spend heavy amounts on paints, tiles, or roof sheets to prevent moisture. 

Now, if you have a question about how drain holes get clogged? 

While showering, you might have noticed hair, soap, and sometimes tiny solid things get into the drain holes. If these particles stay in the drain holes longer, the drain gets clogged. Sometimes while dishwashing, if you put oil in the sink, it gets sticky in the drain pipelines and clogs the whole system. 

If your mind is still questioning, what should I use for slightly clogged drains at home?

So, first of all, you need to avoid the mistakes mentioned above that cause a drain to get clogged. Secondly, if your house’s drain is slightly clogged, you can use acids and sometimes hot water, baking soda, and vinegar.


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