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Weight is but a number, an important one at that. While being weighing less does not mean that you are healthy but weighing more is also not a good sign of health. 

Some people fear gaining weight because we live in a society that fixates on skinny. If you have the same mindset, then before delving into the figure on the scale, you first need to get rid of your biases. 

Being overweight or obese is not just a matter of optics; beauty comes in all shapes and forms. But people who are obese have greater health problems. They have greater chances of heart disease, sleep problems, joint aches, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, alongside mental health problems. 

Hence, it is important to address the problem of weight gain. While the best way to lose weight is by consulting an expert like the Nutritionist in Lahore, it is also vital for one to note why they are gaining weight, especially if their eating habits are not particularly unhealthy; you cannot gorge burgers and milkshakes and wonder why your body is packing pounds. 

Some reasons for weight gain

Bigger portion size 

Portion size is amongst the biggest culprits responsible for weight loss. On a very basic level, your brain takes time to recognize that you are full. If your portion size is big, you may continue eating past the point it is healthy for you, and you thus enter into the realm of overeating.

Even when you are consuming seemingly healthy foods, lack of portion control therein also causes you to consume too many calories, the surplus of which then contributes towards weight gain. 

Hence, exercise portion control. One excellent way to do this is by using smaller plates, so that you put only so much food on your plate. 

Greater consumption of processed food 

Too much consumption of highly processed food is one of the causes for weight gain. You might not realize how much sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates are present in the meals that you are consuming until your body starts to gain weight. 

You may be thinking that you made a healthy choice when you went for the can of instant soup, but due to the high processes it has gone under, it is laden with calories, and minimal nutrition. 

Hence, try to eliminate sources of high processed foods. Try to make your own meals instead of going for ready-to-make ones. Instant foods are a no-no. Attempt to get fresh fruits and vegetables instead of the persevered ones. 

Sedentary lifestyle 

An important aspect of weight gain is the level of activity. When you are highly active, your body has greater demand for energy, which it gets by burning calories. 

On the other hand, if you lead a sedentary life, your bodily systems are more likely to be slow, with the surplus calories packing the pounds.

Hence, it is important that you make physical activity a staple to your life. It not only helps in preventing weight gain, but exercise also aids in preventing chronic ailments. Regular exercise helps in making the body healthier and the heart stronger. 

At the same time, too much exercise can also cause weight gain. As it aids in building more muscle mass, your weight tends to increase, but your size may reduce in inches.

Problematic dieting culture 

Diets, especially fad diets, are never a good idea. They not only are not sustainable but may also be the reason why you are gaining weight. 

If you are in the habit of constantly dieting and then falling off the wagon, you are more vulnerable to weight gain. Your body undergoes hormonal and behavioral changes as a result, that make it harder for you to keep the pounds off. 

Hence, instead of doing the yo-yo diet, consult your Nutritionist in Islamabad for a diet plan that offers sustainable weight loss. 


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