Why and When to Create HubSpot Custom Objects?

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Do you have any ideas about HubSpot Custom Objects? If your organization’s data doesn’t fall into categories of contacts, deals, or tickets, don’t worry about it. HubSpot custom objects are the best salutation for you here to use. If you are unaware of HubSpot custom objects, we will share with you its complete details.

What are HubSpot Custom Objects and Why were they Created?

HubSpot custom objects will let you store useful information you want to keep in your data. The standard HubSpot custom objects are contacts, companies, deals, tickets, products, and tasks. You can associate them with each other in whatever relation you need to project in your HubSpot CRM. HubSpot custom objects are the perfect way to describe your relationship with something. It will allow organizations to store data and information in a scalable manner.

Here you need to know one important thing: only 10 custom objects can be created with an individual account. Moreover, it is a good solution for the enterprise to record data and information in their way. It will be much easier for them to track the right information you need. In short, it is the best solution for organizations to create these objects as per their business requirements and needs.

It will be a good thing to take help from HubSpot experts. Find out these professionals from your network as a good recommendation. They will help you and guide your team in the use of HubSpot CRM. These professionals will update you with all changes and your team will never find it difficult to use.

Here we will share with you a few scenarios to describe to you when to use HubSpot custom objects for the organization.

When to Use HubSpot Custom Objects?

Here are a few scenarios we are going to share with you when you might choose to create custom objects.

1.    Segmentation Non-Standard Data

If you are looking to segment non-standard data for the organization, you need custom objects to map out this. For instance, shipments, events, subscriptions, company locations, and many others. You can better map this data within your HubSpot CRM. No doubt, it is an effective solution for the organization to get all this data in at a single place.

2.    Gathering Useful Information from Customers

If you need to ask multiple questions to ask from your customers, HubSpot custom objects will allow you. You can properly store and gather useful information accordingly. It will allow you to use the respective data to personalize emails to your customer base. Users can also enroll customers in workflows based on custom object values. Overall, it is a brilliant solution that will give you the required information accordingly.

3.    Creating an Entity Relationship Diagram

Do you know about ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)? It is a diagram that will show the relationships of entity sets stored in the database. These entities’ characteristics also define their properties and it will show the diagram of how the database has been structured.

All these scenarios about creating the HubSpot custom objects are incredible. An organization will surely get the best help by creating the HubSpot custom objects.

How to Create Custom Objects?

Almost everyone wants to Learn about Custom Objects and how to create them in HubSpot CRM. You might be thinking that you need the help and support of a professional developer? No, anyone can create custom objects in HubSpot without having development skills. It is quite important to be an expert in HubSpot because it can be created via API. Using the API is not much complicated and anyone can create with a basic knowledge of API.

You need to go to HubSpot developer docs and use the personal API key and provided documentation. After this, you can define and create a custom object in HubSpot CRM. Users can also take help from a third-party tool available in the HubSpot marketplace. Here we will recommend you to take help and support from HubSpot professionals. They will investigate your need and demand for the organization to apply their professional skills. Moreover, they will better guide you in using the HubSpot CRM. Feel free to shift your old CRM to HubSpot CRM to make your business operations smooth and efficient.


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