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Banks supply consumers with a Fuel Credit card in order to give them the most advantage when purchasing fuel. Having this card allows customers who frequently purchase fuel for varied purposes to reduce their fuel costs. Aside from that, it allows Best Fuel Credit card holders to utilise their cards for additional lifestyle perks.

With global gasoline costs changing, it is vital to save wherever feasible. Many of the country’s biggest banks and lenders now offer gasoline credit cards, which may help you save money on all of your fuel expenditures.¬†

What Is The Process For Getting A Fuel Credit Card?

An individual can apply for a Fuel Credit card by visiting the bank’s local branch or applying online. To obtain the Fuel Credit card and save money on gas, the applicant must complete the application form and supply the requested papers.

Who Is Eligible To Get A Fuel Credit Card?

The requirements for applying for a gasoline credit card appear to differ from one bank to the next. However, the following are some of the most typical qualifying requirements that an application must meet :

  • A strong credit score is required.
  • It is necessary to meet the bank’s minimum age and income requirements.

Benefits Of Fuel Credit Cards

Fuel credit cards come with a variety of perks, since many banks and financial institutions provide them. Apart from cutting gasoline costs, there are a number of other advantages to using a Fuel Credit card:

  • Get Reward Points
  • Redemption of points earned
  • Waiver of Annual Fees
  • Eligible for Cashback
  • Also Eligible for Turbo Points
  • And Eligible for Surcharge Waiver
  • Dining offers
  • BookMyShow Offer
  • Can make utility bill payments
  • Eligible for Telecom benefits
  • Concierge Service

Why Opt For A Fuel Credit Card?

When the majority of credit cards on the market provide fuel perks, the issue arises as to why someone would choose a Fuel Credit card. Fuel Credit cards, in response to this query, are specifically created to save money every time a person fills up his vehicle with gas. With the rising cost of gasoline and diesel, having a Fuel Credit card might help you save money on your fuel purchases.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Fuel Credit Card:

When searching for a Fuel credit card, this is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Check to see if the advantages are available at specific gas pumps operated by a certain Oil Company, or if they are available at all petrol stations across the country.

  • Participating Oil Companies¬†
  • Surcharge Waiver
  • Spend Limits
  • Savings
  • Annual Fee
  • Redemption Process

Top Fuel Credit Cards

  1. IndianOil Citi Credit Card : Customers may earn up to 71 litres of free petrol with this IndianOil Citi Credit Card. It has a fantastic rewards programme that allows clients to save a lot of money on their gasoline purchases.
  2. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card : 1The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium credit card starts saving you money straight away. Fuel, phone, and utility bills get you 5% cashback, while all other costs earn you 1 reward point.
  3. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card : For regular international or local travellers, the Air India SBI Signature credit card is ideal. This card makes travel more enjoyable by offering accelerated reward points on ticket bookings, domestic lounge access, Priority Pass membership, and other travel-related purchases.
  4. Yes First Preferred Credit Card : YES First Preferred is a multi-faceted credit card that provides advantages in a variety of areas, including travel, reward points, entertainment, and more. It’s a great card for folks who wish to earn a lot of points.
  5. Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card : The Prime Credit Card from Bank of Baroda comes with a variety of features and rewards. One of the benefits of applying for this credit card is that if you are a Bank of Baroda client, you will be eligible for a guaranteed issuance of Rs.15,000 or more without having to produce evidence of income.
  6. BPCL SBI Credit Card : SBI Card and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd together created the BPCL SBI Card, a co-branded gasoline credit card (BPCL). The credit card provides a variety of rewards and advantages, including discounts on grocery, department shops, eating, and entertainment, in addition to gasoline purchases. The card has a Rs.499 signup fee.

These best credit cards in India include annual fees ranging from zero to Rs.1,000, as well as interest rates ranging from 3.25 percent to 3.40 percent every month. These cards offer a wide range of deals in various areas, such as entertainment, eating, and shopping, in addition to discounts and perks on your gasoline expenditures.


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