When is the best time of year to lay turf?


Turf can be laid at any time of the year, with the exception of on frozen ground. When turf is laid at these times of year, grass grows at a little slower rate than it would in late spring and summer, which reduces the demand for mowing immediately after turf is laid and reduces the need to walk on the turf as it establishes. Also, instant turf suppliers Melbourne are trusted local turf suppliers. However, early-mid autumn and early spring are the best times to lay turf because the ground is relatively warm at these times, which will encourage new root growth, and because increased rainfall may lessen the need for manual watering.

However, if the grass you buy is healthy, you can lay it at any time of year except on frozen ground as long as the proper ground preparation and after-care procedures are followed. For instance, caution should be exercised when lying during prolonged hot and dry conditions in the summer. In these circumstances, extra care would need to be taken to ensure that the new lawn is laid as soon as it is delivered and receives enough water to grow.

It’s crucial to keep in mind when choosing your delivery date that grass needs to be laid out right away in the spring and summer and within 24 hours in the fall and winter. Turf is a living, breathing roll of grass plants, bacteria, and microscopic insects, which explains why. Rolling up turf creates a blanket-like effect that traps warm air inside the roll.

Sod-heating occurs when other organisms in the turf that don’t need as much oxygen become more active as the microorganisms consume up the oxygen. This growth causes even more heat to be produced, which can harm the grass.

Winter turf installation

Before placing your purchase, examine the weather forecast and the prepared ground to make sure there won’t be a heavy frost or frozen soil. The majority of grass suppliers can deliver your order within three working days. As was previously said, even when installing in the cooler months, you should always roll out the turf within 24 hours after delivery.

Because there are less daylight hours in the winter, it would be wise to start laying right away on the day of delivery and finish the project, if required, the next day if you are laying a particularly wide area. This lessens the possibility that your turf will be rolled up for longer than is necessary. If given the choice, you might also want to select a morning delivery time.

Laying lawn in the spring or autumn

Early to mid-autumn is the best time of year to lay turf, as we just indicated. However, spring is also a good time to turf your garden because of the colder temperatures and often higher rainfall levels than summer, which should result in lower watering requirements.

It’s vital to monitor the weather to make sure there isn’t a heavy frost expected on the day of your delivery because frosts can still happen in spring and autumn.

Summer turf installation

On the day of delivery, it is crucial to lay down right immediately because the risk of sod-heating is higher in the summer. The remaining, unused turf should be unrolled in a shady place and watered if your turf doesn’t come until late afternoon or if you don’t have time to lay it all in one day. You can then continue laying the turf the following day.


To give yourself as much time as possible to lay your new lawn on the delivery day, you might want to select a morning delivery time slot if you are turfing an area alone or laying a particularly large area.

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