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You should treat the rental house as your home but remember that it’s not your home. You might be asked to leave anytime the owner wants, with the legal exception. It’s really important that you be careful and notice every little thing before you move. You should visit the house and meet the owner or manager who you will be dealing with. 

It costs a great deal to move with all your furniture. No one would want to do it every few months. If you are moving into a house, you should consider staying there for at least two years. To ensure you get the right place, here are a few things you should do before moving into a rental house. 

Check Overdue Bills

Overdue bills come with a fine, and you would not want to take that responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the owner to pay all the arrears, so you only pay for what you have used. You should also check the dates when the start date of each bill starts. 

Your month might start from the 1st, but the bills might be counting days from the 10th. You should also discuss this with the landlord ahead of time. It feels really awkward to talk about these things once you have moved in. 

Spend Time in the Neighborhood

The value of a house is decided according to its neighborhood. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars extra just for a house that is located in a friendly and clean area. You might not be buying it, but you will be paying a big amount in advance and living there for a long time. 

Walk around in the neighborhood and talk to a few people to learn about the area. Ask about the crime rate and especially see how your immediate neighbors are. Are they noisy, extremist, or just some nice people? All these things play a role in your quality of life. 

Change Locks of the House

Your landlord or the old tenants would have the keys to the locks of your new house. While you wouldn’t want to spend money on all locks of the house, you should at least change the locks of the front doors. Not even the landlord should have the keys to your house. Since you are paying for it, you own it for as long as you live there and have every right to privacy and security.

Call a locksmith and change the locks of every door that could be an entryway to your house. Buy locks yourself from someone outside the area and make sure only you have all the keys to that lock. 

Inform Your Family

Inform all your friends and family about your new residence and share the details of the landlord with them. This works as extra security for you, and staying in touch with you will be easier. They might also be able to help you recommend places to eat out or for jobs in the neighborhood.


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