What should be considered when using IPL devices?

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Before considering IPL treatment, electric baby doll swing you should consider what type you are. Of course, this refers to the skin and hair type. To do this, take a look at the skin types according to Fitzpatrick:

I – Celtic type

light skin

light blonde, reddish hair


II – Nordic type

light skin

blonde, light brown hair

Tendency to freckles

III – Mixed type

light to moderately light skin

different hair colors

not very sensitive to the sun

IV – Mediterranean type

tanned to olive skin

brown, black hair

little to hardly sensitive to the sun

V – dark type

dark skin

black hair

hardly sensitive to the sun

VI – black type

very dark skin

black hair

hardly sensitive to the sun

Tips for preparing for IPL treatment

So that you do not have to worry about redness or other side effects after hair removal with the IPL device, you should heed these tips:

  • Do not shave, epilate or grow body hair directly before IPL treatment.
  • Before the first application, read the operating instructions thoroughly.
  • Free the skin to be treated from make-up, deodorant, or other cosmetic products.
  • Avoid direct sunlight before and after IPL treatment.

Before you start your IPL device, check again for safety which parts of the body it is suitable for. While small IPL devices can remove the lady’s beard, they make less sense for the legs. Conversely, you should not use large models on the face. Since the light is harmful to the eyes, do not try to shape the eyebrows with the IPL hair remover.

Can IPL devices also remove age spots?

Get a model for home use, IPL devices permanently remove hair on the body and face. However, IPL technology can be used for other areas of application. best baby swing frame in professional studios, IPL devices can visually attenuate or completely remove age spots and spider veins. If you suffer from varicose veins, high-quality IPL devices can obliterate the veins. However, this does not apply to the cheap hair removal devices for the home.

Attention: The IPL hair removers for the home are designed to remove body hairs safely and painlessly. For safety reasons, you should keep the IPL devices away from veins, pigment spots, and other areas that do not correspond to the actual area of application.


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