What Makes Pizza So Special and Why Everyone Loves it?

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Everyone around the world loves pizza. It is considered one of the most delicious, comforting, and highest consumed foods by many people. You can serve it to many guests, and it can be enjoyed at every party, celebration, and special occasion.

Pizza is not only a tasty and delightful treat, but it is also very easy to get access to. The majority of the restaurants in Pakistan, such as Broadway, California pizza, Papa John’s, and many others, offer a delicious range of pizzas in multiple flavors to their customers.

Whether you are thinking about having a casual lunch with your friends or don’t feel like cooking a meal, ordering pizza is the first option that comes into mind.

Aside from being extremely tasty, one thing that makes people addicted to pizza is its unbeatable taste. Pizza is impossible to resist and ignore.

But what makes pizza so special? Let’s discuss

Chemistry Behind Amazing Taste of Pizza

The human tongue can sense five distinct tastes, which are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Some of the components present in food trigger our taste receptors and make us sense these distinct flavors.

For example

  • The presence of sucrose in the food makes us taste sweet.
  • The hydrochloric acid lets the tongue taste sour
  • Sodium chloride gives a salty taste
  • Quinine is bitter, and glutamic acid promotes the taste of umami.

Pizza is filled with umami flavor. In Japanese, umami means delicious. Like other tastes, umami is a savory flavor that our taste buds can easily recognize.

Other than umami, another ingredient that is famous for making food delicious is monosodium glutamate (MSG). It is amino acids that enhance the flavor of food.

An amazing thing about umami and glutamic acid is that they improve flavor and make people want to have more of it. Glutamate (MSG) has flavor-enhancing abilities, and it is naturally present in some foods. It is used to improve the taste of foods.

The more glutamate is present in the food, the more flavorful it will be. Animal proteins such as chicken, mutton, and beef are usually high in glutamate. Moreover, the tomato and cheese, the primary ingredients present in pizza, are packed with glutamate.

In general, the higher the glutamic acid content, the more flavorful your food will be. A pizza is topped with so many amazing ingredients like cheese and tomato, so each bite you take gives you amazing flavors and texture, and it satisfies your appetite and craving.

If you are craving pizza, go to your nearest restaurant. Restaurants such as California Pizza, Broadway, Pizza hut, and others create so many flavors of pizza, keeping the taste and likeness of their customers in mind.

Other reasons why people cannot resist pizza include

It Smells So Delicious

The smell of pizza also increases cravings and gives you a sense of flavor. Smell gives you the taste you want. You must have observed that you cannot actually taste food when your nose is blocked. When your nose is blocked, you cannot smell the volatile compounds that are released when chewing the food. Smell gives an extra dimension to the food and enhances our experience.

It Looks Super Good

There would rarely be a person who would say that pizza does not look appetizing or delicious. Pizza has a whole bunch of spices, flavors, and ingredients added on the top. These colorful ingredients and cheese make our mouths watery and release juices into our stomachs.

When it is served hot, you can see the bubbles coming out of the melting cheese and the curled-up pepperoni from the edge, along with the amazing cooking aroma. This visual appeal makes your mouth watery even if you haven’t taken a bite of it yet.

Crust, who Doesn’t Love it

The combination of crispy crust along with dripping cheese is unbeatable. The crust comes in a variety of flavors. Restaurants like California pizza and Broadway give you the option of a deep pot or a thin crust.

You can ask for a thick crust, Sicilian, or you can also ask for a thin or plain crust. Whatever your preference is, there is a pizza for you. On Valentine’s Day, you can even ask for a heart-shaped pizza and give a romantic touch to your pizza.

So Many Flavors Options

The crust is not the only option that you have in pizza. You can ask for any type of flavor you want in a pizza. Different types of cheese are added to the pizza along with various other ingredients. If you do not like Alfredo sauce, you can ask for pesto sauce or BBQ sauce.

Just like that, you can ask for chicken or beef or even fish topping. You can even get customized pizza on demand.


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