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Lately, online security and privacy have been causing lots of distress to internet users worldwide. Since such issues have become so common, virtual private networks (VPNs) have become a necessity.

The Rise of VPN Business

There was a time when VPNs were only used by people who were either obsessed with their privacy or were tech-savvy, but the fear of online data being used and sold led more and more people to turn to VPNs every day. Today, the VPN industry has become one of the biggest online businesses, worth more than $30 billion, which is predicted to grow at a rate of 15% yearly. End consumers and big companies worldwide are also turning to VPNs for data security, which also adds to the yearly VPN sales.

Despite the rapid growth of the VPN industry, companies can still not fully provide their services to end users. This high demand has led to the idea of VPN reselling programs; this allows VPN companies to reach out to more audiences and expand their business and enables VPN resellers to maximize profits for their services.

The Ivacy VPN Reseller Program

With their numerous reseller programs, each VPN company has a reseller program with different things to offer. However, today we will take a look at the Ivacy VPN and what its reseller program has to offer.

Ivacy VPN has one of the fastest-growing reseller programs, and the reason for this is that the company gives excellent reseller deals. Ivacy VPN not only offers some of the best conversion rates but also provides various discounts. Many people prefer partnering with Ivacy VPN in their reseller program because of the brand’s global recognition; it is effortless to resell a renowned VPN to customers because experts in the networking field already recognize said service.

What Does the Program Offer?

The Ivacy VPN reseller program not only offers profits to the reseller but also provides them with all kinds of benefits, such as:

  1. Promotional Activities 

One of the best things about this reseller program is that the reseller would feel like a partner with the company. Ivacy VPN ensures that the reseller is just as satisfied as the customer using their services. The company is famous for coordinating promotional campaigns with its partners and planning all promotional activities with them. This is a brilliant approach because it keeps all parties happy, the company maximizes profits, the partner gets their commissions, and the customer knows about the product.

  • 24/7 Reseller Assistance

As mentioned earlier, Ivacy VPN does not leave its partners to fend for themselves. They believe that the reseller’s sale is also their responsibility which is why they are always ready to provide any support to their reseller. They even train resellers for growth and give out marketing materials to make the reseller’s job easier. All this support allows the reseller to quickly onboard clients to increase revenue.

  • A Dedicated Account Manager 

The reseller also gets access to a dedicated account manager; this way, he can ensure that he is always in control via an easy-to-use interface. The dedicated account manager console is a highly well-engineered support system that provides 24/7 support to resellers.

  • Access to Assets 

Apart from marketing material, Ivacy VPN also allows you to access all kinds of assets to understand the program and your job better. These assets could be video lectures, lecture notes, audiobooks, and books to increase your productivity.

  • Apps for Multiple Devices 

Users want a VPN service that is hassle-free, easy to use, and that is available on all popular platforms. Ivacy VPN has dedicated apps on numerous platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Router, and Kodi. Since the VPN is available on many platforms, it is also beneficial for the reseller as the service would be easy to sell to every user.

Why Become the Ivacy VPN Reseller?

Military Grade Encryption – With up to 256-bit encryption, your customers would get a highly advanced data tunneling protocol that will prevent anyone from prying into your personal space.

Multilingual Support – If your customers face any issues, they will get support in their native language.

Massive Network – Your customers would be able to access a vast VPN network with servers in more than 100 locations.

How to Become Ivacy VPN Reseller?

Unlike most VPNs, becoming a reseller on the Ivacy VPN is extremely simple. There are only three steps to becoming a VPN reseller. The first step is to register as an Ivacy VPN reseller, the second step is to fill out a form and qualify as a reseller, and the third is to start reselling Ivacy VPN.


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