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The Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest city for Muslims. As a practicing Muslim, you are obligated to perform this rite. Learn more about the Hajj pilgrimage by reading this article. Also read our articles on Maghrib, Isha, and Rami al-Jamarat. Hopefully, this information will help you prepare for the Hajj.


It is important to know that there are certain rules that must be followed during the Hajj, especially when it comes to the Ihram. While in Ihram, it is forbidden to engage in certain activities that would be considered haram in normal circumstances. For example, a person in Ihram cannot engage in sexual activity, even if he is not engaged in it intentionally. Likewise, a person in Ihram cannot have sex with another human being, even if they are both married.


Between Zuhr and Maghrib, you should stone all three pillars of Shaitan. You should begin with the smallest stone and finish with the largest. If you miss one, you should make it up with an animal sacrifice. After you’ve gathered enough stones, head back to the field of Muzdalifah and complete the rest of the Hajj rituals. Once you’re finished, you can leave the field in the early morning.


The Isha of Hajj is the day of the pilgrims’ last prayer before their departure for Mecca. During this day, the pilgrims will pray the two supererogatory rakas of the Isha and Maghrib. The pilgrims will spend the night in the Muzdalifah, a place of worship, in solitude. They will worship Allah, chant the prayers, and gather pebbles to be placed during the ceremony the next day.

Rami al-Jamarat

Rami is a stoning ritual performed by pilgrims during the Hajj. The pebbles must be virgin, unworn, and untainted by previous years. Pilgrims throw the pebbles one at a time, hitting the intended Jamara each time. If the pilgrim is unable to perform this stoning, he or she may hire someone else to do it for them.

Tawaf al-Widaa

Tawaf al-Wada for Hajj is a ritual performed by pilgrims before leaving Makkah for the next destination. The purpose of Tawaf is to say farewell to the House of Allah SWT. Tawaf is mandatory for every Muslim. However, the Tawaf is optional for residents of Makkah and for menstruating women. However, pilgrims are encouraged to perform Tawaf as it is important to the overall piety and wellbeing of the Muslim community islamicallrounder.


‘An Unholy Quest: The Making of a Sacred Film’ examines the role of the Hajj in the lives of ordinary Muslims. The film follows pilgrims during Hajj and highlights the judgmental attitudes and biases of traditional Muslims. The documentary shows that the government tents often contradict the idea of equality and offer VIP surfaces to those who pay more. This shows the social inequalities and prejudices inherent in Islam. The film also mocks the ritual of casting stones in the Mina, which is intended to send them to the fire of Satan.


During Hajj, the Muslim faith requires that a person make five prayers a day, and take seven rounds of the Kaaba in the process. These rites, known as Tawaf, demonstrate obedience to God and the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. While not required for every Muslim, it is encouraged, particularly for the wealthy.

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