What is a URL opening and why should you use it?

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URL Opener allows SEO professionals and digital marketers to quickly bulk-open urls with just one click. This tool helps them save time as they don’t have to open each url individually. This is a crucial skill in digital marketing and SEO.

How to use URL Opener

  • Paste the URLs text area and the text area
  • Click “open URLs”
  • You’ll notice that all urls are now open in new tabs

Why use a URL-opening tool?

URL opener tools are a great way to open multiple links simultaneously.

You get these benefits, for example, when you use our multiple link opener:

It is accessible from any web browser

You can use our URL opener tool regardless of whether you are using Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Chrome.

These browsers are compatible with our tool:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Our tool is compatible with all devices so it’s easy to use by everyone in your household or team!

You might recommend other solutions if you use plugins or programs to open multiple links simultaneously. For example, a Firefox user doesn’t have all the plugins that are available to Chrome users.

URL opener by Ethereal IT Solutions however offers a solution that is suitable for all and it’s totally free

Our URL opener tool is completely free, unlike some other tools. You can open as many URLs as you want, as many times as you wish. Our tool is easy to use for both everyday users and businesses.

This eliminates the frustration that comes with trying to find a plugin or program for free, only to discover later that it is a paid one. You can count on our URL opener tool to open multiple links simultaneously and you also not need to install anything.

Problems can arise from adding a program to your computer, or a plugin to your browser. For example, plugins can slow down your browser. If they aren’t maintained and updated, plugins can cause problems. For example, a new browser version can break the plugin and leave you without an option to open multiple URLs simultaneously.

You can download programs that are specific to your computer, in contrast. You won’t be able to open multiple links on your computer, whether you use it on your smartphone or laptop. This leaves you stuck.

A browser-based URL opener allows you to open the links from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about it becoming obsolete like a browser plug-in, as it works on basic programming.

There are 3 ways you can use our web URL opener tool

Are you curious about our web URL opener tool and who it is used for? This is the breakdown

Creators of content

Our tool is available to anyone, from professional bloggers to freelance writers to college student content writers. Our URL opener tool allows you to open multiple links simultaneously to begin or resume research.

For example, someone writing about building a birdhouse may have researched multiple designs and materials before creating an article, guide, or post. Even if they have to re-enter the research process a few hours or days later, they can still use the tool.

Web data researchers

URL opener tools can be used by data mining and web data researchers to simplify their work. Instead of manually copying and pasting URLs, users can batch their work with our tool to open multiple URLs at once.

This feature allows web data analysts and data mining professionals to focus their time and attention on the task at hand. Instead of tracking which URL was opened the last time, they can focus their attention on analysing and collecting data.

A tool that opens multiple URLs simultaneously can be of benefit to content writers, SEOs, web data researchers, and many other people. This tool is available to anyone, regardless of whether they are a family looking for vacation ideas or business owners searching for SEO agencies.


Multiple link opener tools are used by professionals in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the art of optimizing websites to rank for relevant search terms. For example, a blog about carpentry ranking in search results for terms such as carpentry tips, how-to, and others.

For the following tasks, SEOs often use URL opener tools:

  • Analyzing competitors and their content
  • Comparison of the content ranking for a specific search such as “How to build a birdhouse?”
  • Evaluation of links to sites, such as through comments
  • The mapping of internal links to a website using in-text links
  • Complete an SEO audit


This information is useful for SEOs to optimize websites and content so that they can be optimized.

  • Users will appreciate the added value
  • Search engines will respond positively if you send positive signals
  • Search results: Rank higher

These tasks can be accomplished by SEOs, which can result in more revenue for their clients.

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