What Friends with Benefits Mean, and How to Pursue It Safely?

Friends with Benefits

In the fast-paced modern world where everyone is focused primarily on their career, it isn’t surprising to see most folks on dating apps seeking unromantic intimate attachments. While some are vigorously opposed to the idea, others claim it to be a fun, light, and stress-free way to enjoy casual relationships.

However, following certain friends with benefits rules is critical if you want to avoid getting hurt or causing pain to the other person. It can help you navigate an otherwise potentially complex setup that could lead to heartbreak.

Peruse the following information carefully to understand what it means to connect with someone only physically and decide if it suits you.

What it means

In straightforward words, it is a setup wherein two people hang out casually and have sexual relations without any romance or a long-term commitment. It is not a traditional method for people to look for potential spouses but rather a convenient way for those who only seek physical pleasure over emotional attachments.

The rules for what people do in these relationships are pretty ambiguous, with some indulging only in intimacy while others opt to hang out and learn more about each other. The bottom line is that you can mutually decide how far and deep you wish to take the connection with the other person.

Who is it suitable for?

Many people try this way of physical intimacy without romance primarily because they are not seeking emotional connections or a long-term partner at present. Some do it for fun, to experiment with their love life and sexuality without getting hurt since they have little to no expectations of attachment from the other person – studies show that dating can impact mental health.

While both are legitimate reasons to indulge in a friend with benefits scenario, remember that you must carry it with honesty, care, and thoughtfulness.

Certain vital rules to follow

There are specific friends with benefits rules that can help you keep clear of complications and unforeseen emotional trauma. The following are some of the most vital ones to begin with:


You can always rely on licensed therapists for additional assistance and guidance in your romantic life, helping you work through personal issues effectively. Moreover, these experts have immense knowledge about how relationships work, counseling individuals and couples to practice healthy ways to communicate their feelings, issues, and goals.

Finally, they can assist you in developing better self-confidence by working through esteem issues, breakup trauma, and other distress so that you can enjoy healthy relationships with a suitable partner.

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