What does domain authority (DA) for a website mean?

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What does domain authority (DA) for a website mean?

The domain authority (DA), which is a score between 1 and 100 of a website can be used to predict search engine rankings to some extent (the higher, the better).

It differs from Google’s PageRank, which can help you rank higher in search results.
By taking into account all known factors that may affect rankings and awarding domains a score for comparison, Moz and other da checker tools aim to mimic Google’s ranking algorithm.
Simply put, the DA is dependent on data Moz has gathered about your website, which isn’t always as accurate as data Google has gathered.

A site can rank highly in Google’s search results even if it has a low Domain Authority.

Other DA information: DA does not take Google penalties into account. Although Moz might not be aware of it, if a website receives a Google penalty, it will probably fall in the search engine rankings. Therefore, despite the fact that the penalty has been imposed, the domain’s authority is still high.
While Google’s ranking algorithm is thought to take into account hundreds of factors, Domain Authority only takes 40 into account.
It’s difficult to raise your DA rating. Just by doing this one thing, your website’s domain authority won’t immediately increase.
The scale is logarithmic for DA. In other words, it’s much simpler to increase your DA from 20 to 30 than it is to increase it from 70 to 80. Generally speaking, the difficulty increases as you go up the scale.
Use DA to compare domains rather than to evaluate SEO performance over time.

How can the credibility of a website be determined?

According to Moz, the following signals are taken into account when determining domain authority:
the number of other websites that link to yours.
the reliability and value of the content that is linked to.
The calibre of your website’s content
Position Relative in a Social Network (the popularity of your domain and contain in social media networks)
how effectively your site is optimised for search engines.
How can I find the domain authority of my website?
Your domain’s authority rating can be found using the Moz domain analysis SEO tool.

Checking Da Pa. 
MOZ Tool
Da Pa Checker


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