What are The Key Differences between Lipectomy and Bichectomy?

Fat Removal

When you are interested in Buccal Fat Removal surgeries, you can have a wide range of options. Surprisingly, both sides have the same percentage of users. Whether it is bichectomy or lipectomy, the results are some and the healing duration is similar too. Then why should you choose between these two?

These two are quite similar methods however some medical performances make them different. Here, in this article, we’ll give you the perfect definition of these two surgeries. Then you can understand in which way to to go. Let’s have a look.

What are The Differences between Lipectomy and Bichectomy?

The number of differences is not so big. And we are not going to point out like old school books. The best way is to express the differences by defining the processes. Let’s see.

  1. Lipectomy

A lipectomy will be done on your face. The surgeon will measure the places. They’ll tell you where they are going to operate on your face. The buccal fat pads will be removed from your face. Up to this is a certain thing about the procedure. However, it doesn’t stop at buccal fat.

It focuses on each fatty place. If there are many places on your face where the fat amount is high, the lipectomy includes the removal of those areas too. The whole process will be done on the face. Local anesthesia will be used but a saltwater saline mixture will be given before the surgery to stop blood loss.

Lipectomy will define your chin, cheekbones, jawline and will provide you a sharp edge face cut. The specialty of this Buccal Fat Removal process is, it can be done by any plastic surgeon. The healing time is 3 to 4 months. To get rid of the scar marks, you need to wait for a little bit and should follow the doctor’s order.

  1. Bichectomy

Bichectomy is completely different if you see it according to the procedure. The bichectomy process is being done on the cheek pads only. It will provide your cheekbones a defined shape however it won’t work on the chin, jawline, and other areas.

The other interesting part about the bichectomy is, it is done through the mouth. Yes, because of this, the cut marks won’t be there on the face. It is certainly a plus point for those who want to have the good face cut within a few weeks. Other than maintaining the precautions, you can do whatever you want.

Lipectomy and Bichectomy come with the same risks. But bichectomy won’t cause you infection because the salivary glands inside will destroy the invaded bacteria. One problem with the bichectomy is, you can’t find a surgeon anywhere like a lipectomy.

What Will Be Best for You?

You have seen both the procedures in detail. Now you can have an idea of how they work. But the question is which way you should go? For a normal person, it becomes hard to understand to select. However, if you go to a good surgeon and express your desires, he or she can help. We are giving you some discussion based on the plastic surgery experts’ declarations.

If you need to have a defined face within a very short period you should go with the Bichectomy. Bichectomy is done through the mouth, so it won’t affect the outer face. As there will be no scar marks, you can freely roam around. But you should give yourself the minimum recovery time which is 3 to 4 weeks.

If there is no hurry in the surgery and you need the best solution for your total face, you should go with a lipectomy. Your buccal cavity, chin, jawline, neck areas, and all other places where excessive fat is stored, will be released permanently. Though bichectomy can give you permanent results however the limitations are short.

These are the two facts that every surgeon told us. So, if you are a patient who is confused about what is best for you, read the above two discussions. That will help you to decide your need quickly. Still, we’ll recommend you to have a thorough discussion with your surgeon for better results.

Final Words

As both Bichectomy and Lipectomy are giving permanent fat solutions, these two are very popular in the medical field. The demand for these two is increasing day by day in the whole world. But surgeons are limited. You should go to the best surgeon.

How to select the best surgeon, is already discussed in an article. You can have a read. After that we can promise you, you can have a stable mindset regarding the selection of your buccal fat removal surgery. Don’t avoid the tests. Have a thorough check-up for faster recovery. We hope, you have got our point of discussion. All the best.

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