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Canon printers are equipped with machinery that allows them to absorb ink during the printing process. Printing pages can be done in your printer while waiting until the ink absorber that is used to absorb waste until it becomes full. In the meantime, you’ll begin to receive an error message that indicates the waste ink absorber is empty. This error is present when there are spills of ink on your printer, or because the ink absorber has become full or the counter to waste ink is now full. To solve the problem or fix the 5b00 error restoring program for canon printers take the steps listed below Read More Best Laptop for Day Trading

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Common Reasons For Canon mx340 Printer Error 5b00

There are many possible reasons why you’re having this issue in addition to:

When the material used for packing isn’t removed properly, a 5b00 error message may be displayed upon the monitor.

If the inkpad absorber overflowing with ink, you will also be confronted with the error. Therefore, you must resolve the issue as quickly as you can. In the event that you don’t, your printer could be damaged to the point of irreparable damage.

Incorrect positioning of the cartridge ink can cause this issue too.

In the event that your counter-absorbing device isn’t functioning properly or has an issue, then you may have the same issue.

Step-by-step Guide for Canon Printer Error 5b00

This error is a sign of the existence of a leakage issue within the cartridge ink. Many people are looking for a solution to Canon error 5b00 on the printer. If you’re looking for the same solution, look at these options to resolve the issue immediately.

Take away all packaging materials

If you are confronted with this issue, the very first thing to do is just open the door to the printer. But, you should ensure that all packaging materials have been removed from the Canon printer. After a couple of seconds then close the door as usual, and verify whether the issue persists or does not.

 Position the cartridge correctly

Canon Printer error code 5b00 may also happen when you place the ink tank in an incorrect location. This is why you should ensure that all tanks are properly placed inside the printer. The first thing to do is unlock the door of the printer to check that the tanks of ink are in the correct place or not.

Reset Counter Absorber

If the issue isn’t fixed, then you could opt for this method. Make sure your printer is on. Then you hit the Resume button several times. Then, hold and tap the Power button for a second time to complete the reset procedure. After that, the option of Reset will be displayed on the display. Select that icon and allow your Canon device to reset.

Reach Us for More Assistance

If you follow the steps above following the above steps, you’ll be able to fix the Canon error 5b00 in the printer completely. However, if you have any problems call our toll-free phone number and call us. We have a knowledgeable Canon Printer customer support team who are experts in this area. If you’re receiving an unresponsive tone from this number, you can also drop us an email with questions. Our technicians are available to provide you with prompt and speedy solutions with no delay. We also guarantee to correct the problem in any circumstance.


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