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Their observations of the dearth of effective warehouse storage solutions that meet the needs of both large and small businesses led us to develop AW Structures. Industrial storage solutions must increase warehouse capacity, offer a secure working environment, and be sturdy, adaptable, and long-lasting. They guarantee that each warehouse storage system will provide the answer you’ve been looking for by utilising local steel and manufacturing.

Steel and Structural

They are the top experts in industrial and warehouse structures in Australia, including steel raised storage floors, stairs, safety pallet access gates, and custom fabrication. Improve your warehouse space right away!

Storage and Pallet Racking Options

Additionally, they specialise in creating the ideal pallet racking systems for your warehouse and can handle the entire project from beginning to end. Cantilever racks, selective pallet racking, and drive-in racks are all part of their racking selection.

Mechanics’ Halls

Raised storage areas, often known as mezzanine floors, are an affordable solution to expand your useful office and storage space. They provide both pre-designed mezzanine floor kits and custom-designed mezzanine constructions as part of their range.

Solutions for Industrial Shelving

For warehouse and industrial applications, they provide a wide selection of shelving systems, racking with shelves, including steel shelving, RET shelving, long span, workbenches, and more.

Designed just for your warehouse

Your warehouse storage systems should be able to hold all you need them to because not all warehouse storage is created equal. They can design shelving and storage equipment for your warehouse based on the precise items, equipment, or stock you need, enhancing its functionality, safety, and usability.

Alternatives for light and heavy duty

The ideal solution for your warehouse to maximise space and enhance workplace safety is available in their extensive selection. With their robust and long-lasting design and locally produced steel, their industrial shelving solutions can manage your items, whether you’re storing tools for a busy manufacturing plant, bulky crates of merchandise, or industrial tools.

Full service installation

They handle every aspect of your warehouse needs. Before shipping and installing it, they will closely collaborate with you to build the ideal custom solution for your warehouse design. The only thing left to do is to begin strategizing how you will store every item and what you will do with the excess warehouse space.

Solutions for available warehouse storage

  • Mechanics’ Halls
  • Mezzanine Stairs Over Gates and Up
  • Safety Signage Longspan Shelving & RET Shelving RepairsĀ 
  • Drive-in used and pre-owned pallet racking, selective pallet racking, installation, and relocation

Providing or delivering

To help you be productive and start using your system right away, they can source and deliver a wide variety of storage systems and mezzanine levels. They will oversee the entire installation of your new systems.

Installing, moving, and pulling down

They are aware that many companies operate out of rented warehouses or storage facilities. When the time comes to relocate, they will assist with the pulldowns and relocation so they are prepared to be reinstalled in your new site, saving you time, energy, and money.

Conclusion: Everyone in your warehouse needs to be aware of safe storage system usage. To ensure the safety of your staff as a whole, they may supply signage showing safe working loads and more. In addition, they may certify that a safety inspection has been done.


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