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If you’re thinking of establishing a warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone, you’ve come to the right place! This area is located right next to Dubai International Airport. With excellent transportation links to land and sea, it’s the perfect location for international trade. It’s the perfect place to set up a company in Dubai! Read on to learn more about warehouses in this area. Here are three reasons to move your warehouse here:


The JAFZA Free Zone is a leading global trade enabler with over 1.58 million square meters of warehouse space. This dynamic hub is located near Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port. It includes a warehouse and open car yard to create seamless transitions between supply chains. The open yard buffers finished automotive goods, while the warehouse offers space for five-thousand pallets of storage.

There are many advantages of a warehouse in the Free Zone Jebel Ali. Its warehouse space is large and thermally insulated. Office space is also included in the warehouses for rent. Floor load capacity is 5 tons per square meter. In addition to the warehouse space, the JAFZA free zone Jebel Ali also includes office spaces, playgrounds, and a tennis court. The warehouses are located close to shops and mosques.

Jebel Ali Port

If you’re looking for a place to keep your goods, a Warehouse in Free Zone Jebel Ali may be the best choice. The UAE Free Zone is a global business hub, connecting eastern and western markets. It is also a favorite destination for a wide variety of international companies. In 1994, it sold $1.6 billion in goods, and officials expect continued growth in the coming years. For example, Sony Corporation has a warehouse in Jebel Ali that’s 23,000 square meters, making it the largest electronic storage facility in the world. In addition to large companies, most of the business is done by smaller traders. Some clients take up less than 35 square meters for their offices.

The Free Zone provides logistic and warehousing services for businesses. It also grants DMCC members free licensing and registration fees. Together, the Port and Jebel Ali Free Zone form a world-class trade ecosystem. The two free zones provide integrated solutions to global companies, and account for up to 33 percent of Dubai’s total GDP. In 2018, the Free Zone generated $93 billion in trade. Businesses that choose a Warehouse in Free Zone Jebel Ali will be able to take advantage of the favorable business conditions and tax incentives that are available in the area.

Commodity warehouses

One of the most important factors determining the profitability of a commodity warehouse is its location. Free Zone Jebel Ali is conveniently located on a 3m square meter plot of land. It will have clusters of traders from different parts of the world. These traders will provide a diverse range of products. Sectors in this free zone will include household goods, building materials, food and beverage, healthcare, and energy.

The location is ideal for companies seeking warehouse space in the region. The free zone is strategically located around Dubai’s port and is home to more than a dozen major companies, including multinationals and local firms. Its proximity to the city’s international airport, ports, and other key locations makes it the perfect location for a wide variety of industries. It is one of the few free zones in the world where local businesses can compete with international firms.

Economic contribution of Jafza to Dubai’s GDP

The FDI flow to the UAE is the largest in the world, and the Free Zone and Port of Jebel Ali together contribute 21% of the UAE’s GDP. This dynamic base for smart business community provides unparalleled opportunities and access to a market of over 3.5 billion people across a wide variety of sectors. The UAE’s Free Zone and Port of Jebel Ali are a leading example of this, with more than 8,700 multinational companies and a trade volume of 87.6 billion USD in 2015. The free trade zone and port of Jebel Ali is the largest in the region, generating over half of the UAE’s total trade value by 2020.

The free trade zone is a vital part of Dubai’s economy, contributing about 33% to the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With its leading position as a global trade hub between Asia, Europe, and Africa, Jafza connects the fastest-growing consumer and manufacturing markets. Companies based here benefit from world-class infrastructure and support, and enjoy easy access to substantial business opportunities across the region.


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