Over the last two years, a lot has changed around the world and it will keep on changing going forward to adapt to the newer surroundings. One such phenomenal change has been noticed in the hospitality industry wherein a lot of people are looking forward to travel for both business as well as leisure. However, people are still skeptical about the way they would conduct themselves during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Indian Government as well as the private players in the hospitality industry is doing their best to help people overcome this fear of pandemic and travel fearlessly.

Even the Best hotel management college in Pune, Mumbai, and Aurangabad have encouraged their students to develop and imbibe newer skills for addressing the requirements of the changing travellers. This practice will go a long way and facilitate to bridge the gap between the requirements in the real world and the academics.  

Recently, Indian Railways and IRCTC have collaborated to introduce the bed sized rooms at Mumbai Central Railway Station for short stay or overnight travelers. It is called pod or capsule hotel. This concept was first developed in Japan which featured large number of tiny bed sized rooms, resembling capsules. They provide basic and affordable accommodation to travelers who are looking for some change.

The credit of this fabulous initiative in India goes to Urban Pod Hotels to bring to us India’s first Boutique POD Hotel, with smart hotel rooms, classic pod, private pod, ladies only pods, differently abled/friendly pods. They got the contract of this project and will build it in an area of around 3,000 sq.ft. The plan for each pod room is to provide with free Business center usage, Wi-Fi, place to keep luggage, toiletries, shower rooms and wash rooms in common areas. Inside the pod, the guest can avail amenities like a small locker, a TV, a mirror, ironing board, air filter vents, an adjustable air conditioner and reading lights. In addition to all these, mobile charging, interior lighting, smoke detectors, and ‘do not disturb’ indicators will also be availed. The idea is to provide the best in smallest available space.

The new facility will provide with an inventory of around 48 pods. Later on more will be added. The tariffs will vary according to the timings. For 12 hours it may be around Rs 999 per person and could go up to 1999 for 24 hours per person. This kind of facility is found abroad but will be very unique and innovative for Indians. Depending on the response, more projects will be launched in different cities.

And of course with such innovative ideas, there would be some downside as well as space would be a major constraint. Say for example, if you are looking to host other people while traveling; it would become difficult to accommodate them as there is enough space only for one person to stay. If you are looking for a good night’s sleep at a price which is affordable, then pod hotel is the most convenient way to get it. But if you are claustrophobic then this is not the kind of hotel that you will enjoy staying as they are enclosed spaces. They are built cozy but are not cramped. You are free to get out of your pod if you are not comfortable or whenever you wish to.

Pod hotels are actually the next generation smart hotels which will cater to both leisure and business needs.


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