What Is The Trend In Quality Assurance In The Software Industry?

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Automation testing and software testing are continuously evolving to provide better solutions in terms of quality assurance in the software industry. A lot of software industries have begun insulating the process of quality assurance as a part of their software development process. Nowadays, quality assurance through software testing is regarded as a necessity in the software industry which is considered a significant evolution in itself.

When we talk about quality assurance, we necessarily talk about the evaluation of four major experiences and their linkage to each other – user experience, employee experience, multi-experience, and customer experience. The inclusion of quality assurance as a function of software testing has a major advantage in overcoming several hindrances in terms of production and also improving the overall user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the latest quality assurance trends in the software industry that are shaping up automation testing.

1.    Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Quality Assurance

Earlier, by the time a web developer used to finished designing a test code, the requirements for the application in terms of business and the user experience would be changed. Due to the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the software testing process, the automatic management of the test code as per the emerging requirements has become a lot easier. In the coming few years, the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning will prove to be a game-changer for the software industry.

2.    Making Test Automation Scriptless

Even though the software industry has realized the importance of test automation services for quality assurance, a big roadblock that’s standing in its way is test script maintenance. Making test automation scriptless, has enabled web developers to overcome this roadblock and have an efficient process of automation testing. The process of scriptures test automation has reduced the manual work needed to update the test scripts. Due to this, web developers can now simply use this framework to indicate the steps to maintain a test script instead of writing an actual code.

3.    Automation of Quality Assurance

Automation testing has played a pivotal role in making quality assurance more efficient by detecting bugs faster, targeted approach, fixing defects, etc. Even though the development of tools for automation testing is still a long way to go, the existence of this process has still made a lot of improvement in the lives of the quality assurance engineers. Another great way that automation testing has helped improve quality assurance is by evaluating and evolving the risks associated with a new software release in the software outsourcing industry.

4.    Digital Optimization of Quality Assurance

Software industry experts are striving day and night to shorten the delivery time of software to their customers with quality insurance of the relative product. To fulfill their business commitments, software developers are continuously employing digital testing to ensure quality assurance. The usage of digital optimization to enhance the overall customer experience has been a focus for software developers in the past few years. The DevOps methodology is one such method of bringing this digital transformation. With the help of this methodology, software developers can decrease the software delivery time, improve the deployment speed, and hence, quality assurance.

5.    Performance Engineering

Your market share in terms of the number of users you’ve captured is defined by the number of platforms your app is available on. The overall user experience is the driver of rapidly evolving app requirements, decreased software delivery time, and shorter cycles of development. With the help of performance engineering, software developers and quality assurance engineers can inculcate the performance metrics from their very first code design.

6.    Blockchain Testing

Nowadays, a lot of industries across the globe, be it the software industry or the automobile industry are facing the need to store tons of important customer information on various platforms. This problem can be solved by blockchain technologies. However, there are some issues associated with blockchain technologies. These include – security and compliance problems, high costs of adoption, etc. Moreover, even a single roadblock in the system can cause it to stop working. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for businesses to evolve and include blockchain testing as a part of their quality assurance process to overcome such hurdles.

Quality assurance of software is a simple way to improve the overall quality of the software that a business aspires to build. Quality assurance ensures that the process, procedure, and standard of a particular software development project are up to the mark and are implemented by the software developers correctly.

Since quality assurance helps to enhance the overall customer experience, it has become a priority in terms of software testing for independent software testing companies. With several latest emerging trends in this arena, we hope that you’ll be able to come up with a solid plan to reduce your manual input, shorten your software delivery time, and improve your customer experience as a whole in no time.

Kamal Singh, Marketing Manager at Devstringx Technologies the top custom software development company in India. He has great working experience in the IT domain. His role includes overall quality assessment and business development for Devstringx. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog.


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