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Furniture for the deck is an essential buy for enjoying the outdoors in the summer with family and friends. However, even though we pay a lot of attention to their quality and suitability when selecting them, we often forget to take proper care of them and leave them lying on the deck to take a beating from the weather. Even though outdoor furniture is built tough and should be capable of facing the elements, they last longer if you take the trouble of buying covers for them, especially to protect them during the long winter months when you don’t use the deck. A quick guide to selecting the best covers for your outdoor furniture:

Best Reasons to Buy Furniture Covers

The additional cost of buying covers deters many people. The reluctance is well understandable given that good outdoor furniture can be expensive. However, even if you buy the best quality patio furniture made of all-weather wicker, teak, or even plastic, they do not remain invulnerable to the impact of the weather. Moisture, dirt, and changes in the temperature can adversely affect their looks and longevity. Buying waterproof garden furniture covers is the easiest way of protecting them from the weather, and they also lessen the impact of temperature fluctuations. Furniture covers also reduce the accumulation of grime and the formation of mold, a severe health hazard. Covers also prevent the color of the furniture from fading.

Different Types of Materials for Furniture Covers

You have a lot of choices regarding the material for your outdoor furniture covers. Some of the most popular ones are:

Marine polyester: It is a water-resistant and durable material perfect for furniture covers. It provides excellent UV protection and prevents the formation of mildew. The synthetic fiber does not soak water and hence dries quickly. According to Garden Street, polyester is the most popular fabric because of its durability and light weight.

Marine vinyl: It is similar to marine polyester, but the filaments are made from PVC, which is durable and waterproof. However, the material is prone to cracking with age.

Canvas: It is an age-old material much appreciated for its durability and weather protection capabilities. You can get the material in varying weights and weave tightness. It is easy to clean, being machine-washable.

What to Look For In Your Outdoor Furniture Cover Material

Waterproof materials are the best for protecting the furniture underneath, but they can be uncomfortable to use in humid weather. Water-resistant materials stop the water from soaking the furniture, dry faster, and are more comfortable. Choosing a material with high breathability ensures that the furniture remains dry and does allow the formation of mold and mildew. Additionally, the degree of softness dictates how comfortable the material is. The material must also be heavy-weight for it to last for a long time, even with regular use.


If you have invested a substantial sum in your deck furniture, you would like to retain its good looks and functionality for as long as possible. Buying good-quality furniture covers ensures that you extend the life of your outdoor furniture significantly and, at the same time, enhance their looks.


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