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Most Valuable Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the most beautiful natural treasures on Earth. They have been appreciated by people all over the world throughout history for a variety of reasons. Although often used as decorative ornaments, they are also known for their religious symbolism. Such gemstones are also always valued for their alleged healing abilities. All the jewels have a unique beauty, whether a diamond, ruby, or sapphire. Everyone is unique in their way. 

Despite this, it is a fact that some gems are more special than others, which is a factor that significantly impacts their value to them. Other essential elements include size, class, and color. These gemstones can be used in sterling silver fashion rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Here is a list of the most valuable gems in the world. 

The Most Valuable Gemstones in the World

Black Opal

Black opals are the most sought-after and valuable opals in the world. The stone has a dark body that provides the perfect backdrop for a unique play of colors. Black opals come primarily from the Lightning Ridge area of ​​New South Wales and are widely considered one of Australia’s national treasures. 

Red Beryl

While red beryl occurs in Utah, New Mexico, and Mexico, quality rocks only have mines specific to the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. They show several different shades of dark red, all of which are equally appealing. As a result, red beryl is sometimes referred to by collectors as the “red emerald.” Like emeralds, red beryl also often has inclusions and fractures. The prices of this unusual gemstone can reach up to $ 10,000 per carat, but that’s when you can find one for sale.


Emeralds are one of the most famous sterling silver jewelry gemstones in the world, known for their exotic green tones. It occurs mainly in four different countries: Brazil, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Most emeralds available on the market have minor imperfections. That is a rare case when the natural emerald is sold without defects, and it can capture impressive figures. 


Musgravite is another gemstone first discovered in Australia in 1967. The name comes from the Musgrave area where it was found. In 2005, only eight chemical-quality musgravite stones were excavated, showing how unique they are. Some findings include colors ranging from transparent olive green to grayish purple. Due to its special features, getting a price tag for this gem is difficult. However, experts usually estimate it at almost $ 35,000 per carat.


Alexandrite is a unique gem that changes colors. Thanks to this, Alexandrite is not only incredibly beautiful but also valuable. Although it is common in Russia (discovered in 1833), it is also mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and India. Remarkably, they almost always occur in sizes smaller than carats. Therefore, as the larger stone rises, the value of the price increases exponentially. For example, they may cost $ 15,000 per carat, but up to $ 70,000 per carat if it is a larger stone.


The rubies, commonly called the “King of Gems,” have a bright red spectrum, ranging from pink to dark red. The burning gem is a symbol of love and enthusiasm for life, and this meaning was passed on by ancient cultures that believed that color represented blood.


Tanzanite is a gemstone first discovered in 1967. As you can guess from its name, Tanzanite can only be found in northern Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. This gemstone has a deep blue-violet color that differs from any sapphires. The tanzanite gemstone jewelry items will give you an elegant look for any party or function. While $ 1,200 may not be such a high number, the market expects it to grow over the next 20-25 years, and this is mainly due to the declining supply of Tanzanite.


Jadeite is the purest, most unique gemstone in the Jade family. Although it can be used in various colors, including red, yellow, and black, green is the most common stone. The specific shade of semi-transparent emerald green known as “Imperial Jade” is the most sought after in the world. Jadeite plays a vital role in Chinese culture, symbolizing prestige and status.


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