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Brace yourself. This is a blog post about Bristol, England’s top industry sites where you can find great jobs and local businesses, as well as professional organisations and networks. You’ll discover that it’s quite easy to get involved in this wonderful city and make an impact on the world around you. This list of companies, communities and projects not only provides you with a starting point for your own informal research and career possibilities, but also gives you some really useful hints on how to get started without buckling under the pressure of finding something quickly.

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into BCC:

Each year, more and more candidates are accepted with a variety of different averages and qualifications. The average GPA range for BCC entry is in the region of 2.3 – 2.9. Successful applicants typically have a broad range of A-level subjects studied as well as an understanding of a particular area or subject that they are particularly interested in or excel at.

Bristol City Council jobs include accountancy, IT, HR, communications, planning and development roles as well as opportunities in the local community such as helping to run youth programmes or support people’s access to services in their local community. BCC jobs are advertised on their own website as well as Guardian Jobs.

Transferring to Bristol Community College:

If a degree is your ultimate goal, BCC transfer students should know that they have access to the personal guidance and support of an Academic Advisor whose job it is to help you make informed choices about where to study and how long you will take to complete your course. You can find BCC staff recruitment notices on their own website  and Guardian Jobs. Log in to AccessBCC using this address

Notable Alumni:

Former student Greg Dyke went from journalism to TV before becoming head of the BBC. Matthew Horne got his start at local production company HoHo Bristol and went on to star in Gavin & Stacey alongside James Corden, who starred in Fat Friends while studying at UWE. Other notable alumni include Jamie Oliver, Anna Friel, Piers Morgan and Charlotte Church.

Want To Learn More About BCC:

The BCC website is jam-packed with information and consists of a huge Virtual Learning Environment called VETLINK which you can use to access lesson materials, revision resources and a wide range of interactive tools. Bristol Community College also has an active Twitter presence (@BCC_UWE) where you can find out about upcoming events in the city and current opportunities for students, as well as staff.

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Schools & Colleges:

While you’re studying, there are some great courses offered at local schools and colleges that open your eyes to the extraordinary world around us.

BCC Student Life:

Whether you’re a student, parent of a student or simply someone who is interested in the lives of students, this is a great place to find all you want to know about Bristol Community College.

BCC Sports:

Keep up with the latest news, scores and stats for BCC Athletics with BCC Sports! We provide coverage for Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball and Softball. Stay connected all week long as we prepare our teams for GCCA playoffs. Check back with us on Friday evening to see how they did!Future Student:As future students, you can use this blog as resource during your college search process.

BCC Housing:

This blog is the best place to learn about all the fun events, social gatherings and news regarding Bristol Community College’s housing. Whether it be a new housing facility or a community of students within the buildings themselves, this blog will inform you so that you can stay in touch with your dorm life and make memories that last for years!


This blog is designed to keep up-to-date information about us as an institution. Check back for announcements, updates, photos and more about what we do at BCC on a daily basis.

The Featured Blog:

The “Featured Blog” was originally created as a blog titled “BCC Alumni”, which covered all information regarding our alumnus community.

BCC Athletics:

BCC Athletics has been a dominant force on the GCCA floor for the past decade. Follow us as we prepare for the 2018-2019 season and beyond.

Our year-end awards:

See who took home BCC’s top honors and awards from sports, leadership and academics! We continue to be committed to excellence in our community and strive to provide support, guidance and instruction that you can’t get anywhere else.

Safety at BCC:

BCC Safety Awareness is a faculty/staff team committed to providing a safe and secure campus. Find out more about our services, programs, and more on this blog. You can even do it while you’re away from campus. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Bristol Community College. We have over

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