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Anime has been around for a very long time; some of the earliest examples date back to the early 20th century. It didn’t start to gain as much popularity, though, until just a few decades ago, once the internet allowed it to go beyond Japan and fascinate the rest of the world.

There are now countless anime films and tv shows, and they are now one of the first things that people typically think of when you mention Japan. However, it’s not that simple to view anime because the majority of them are only accessible through geo-restricted streaming services like Crunchyroll.

In other words, your chances of being able to see some of the most popular anime are much decreased if you are not living in the US or Japan. Because of this, downloading them from pirate animetorrent websites has grown to be a highly regular thing.

List of best animetorrent websites


One of the top animetorrent sites in this field is widely considered as Nyaa. It has a far larger torrent collection than the majority of its competitors. Additionally, the content includes every part of anime that is relevant, including TV shows, movies, music, novels, images, and video games. Nyaa, on the other hand, has a clean, well-organized website with many sections and subcategories to make it easier for visitors to find the torrent files they need. 

Every day, a sizable number of new torrent files are added to its collection. Nyaa is an excellent resource for downloading practically all of the anime you are familiar with. The majority of the anime on Nyaa are dubbed and raw versions, and they have respectable 720p/1080p HD quality.


This animetorrent platform specializes in anime-related content, including TV shows, movies, live-action productions, light novels, manga, and music. You can download a ton of adult content from this website. For me, Anidex’s biggest feature is that it offers anime torrents with several language subs. More than 20 languages are commonly provided. Additionally, there are several titles in raw and dub. Users have more opportunities to find the most recent episodes because of this website’s regular addition of fresh torrents.

Anidex has a number of complex filtering options that let users look for torrents in various categories, languages, or from particular organizations. Each day, thousands of users come to this website to share and enjoy anime torrents. It is a fairly popular anime torrent website.


The next website is 9Anime, which is more of a streaming service than a torrenting website. Since downloading torrents on a smartphone is not the simplest or most practical thing ever, this option is available for individuals who like to watch anime on their smartphones.

It is important to be aware that 9Anime remains since it will always be a fantastic, capable option for watching anime on the go. In addition, the website is very user-friendly, has a sleek user interface, and has a ton of anime series and movies just ready to be watched.

Anime Layer

The animetorrent website Anime Layer, which takes the 4th slot, takes a slightly different strategy, especially in terms of its ui. The website’s user interface is rather lovely and contains in-depth details about each torrent and anime that is available. This can’t be stated for the majority of other websites that are identical to it, which simply provide a list of shows and downloads.

You can find information about each individual program here, along with screenshots, posters, the amount of seeders and leechers, the seasons and episodes the show has, and much more.

The Pirate Bay

One of the first and most reputable torrent websites to use for downloading animetorrent is The Pirate Bay. The user interface on this torrent site is clean and limited to a search bar with some basic filters. It’s not too difficult to search, browse, and download anime torrents from The Pirate Bay.


The most famous movie torrent website is YTS. With the help of YTS, you can download new and popular anime films in HD, FHD, and 4K qualities. The search tools on this anime movie torrent website are quite user-friendly, and the user interface is really nicely designed. Other torrent sites for movies also host YTS’s uploads. It is renowned for being smaller without sacrificing video quality.

Anime Tosho

You can download the most recent and trustworthy torrent files from Anime Tosho, a good anime torrent service. On this page, fresh updates are regularly made. Every day, users can find a ton of unique animetorrent. On Anime Tosho, there are a variety of anime qualities, however the majority are in SD and HD. We have included Anime Tosho in our list of the top places to download anime subtitles since it is an excellent resource for subtitled anime and also offers some distinct subtitle files for download. 


Another unique animetorrent site is BakaBT, however this time the difference is formed by joining its private community. Since almost nobody can register for an account on BakaBT, not everyone is able to use it. To create an account, you must be invited.

At first glance, this could appear hard and even strange, but the website’s team established this policy to guarantee that the community will only include anime lovers. How do you receive the invitation then? You attend the interview. As soon as you accept their invitation and sign up, you can download and enjoy anything the website has to offer.

Anime Ultime

Choose Anime Ultime instantly if you don’t like to sign up for torrenting websites. Some of the largest anime enthusiasts in the community created this torrenting service in France with the intention of spreading their love of the genre.

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In addition to hosting some of the top animetorrent, this website has developed a strong and enthusiastic community. Other than that, the website is rather simple to use, and as soon as you arrive at its home screen, you can expect to find a wide variety of different anime series and movies.


GloTorrents is a typical animetorrent website that has a special section just for anime downloads. Here you’ll discover YouTube trailers along with screenshots from each show and movie. This will enable you to evaluate the anime torrent’s quality.

For further legitimacy, each uploader also shows reputation points. Here, the higher the better will help you find qualified contributors. Use the magnet and torrent file directly from the search results to download torrents, just like with YTS.


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