Top 6 Ways to Attract More Families to Your Hotel

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Over the years, the tourism and hospitality industry is trying its best to satisfy customers and bring a smile to their faces. However, there has been a competitive landscape where hotels are trying to lure customers in different ways.

Memories made together last a lifetime.

Family vacations are common but there are many things that parents consider before booking a hotel. This is the reason why many hotels are looking for ways to impress parents so that their stay becomes enjoyable and unforgettable.

Did you know family traveling has been increased to 25% by 2022? This is why it is more important than ever to grab the attention of the family so that they chose your hotel over others for their stay.

Here are the ways to become Best hotel in Bakersfield California, attract more families to your hotel and make their overall stay comfortable.

1. Easy-to-navigate website

Your official hotel website plays a very important role. Therefore, it is essential that the website is responsive and easy to navigate. To make your hotel stand out, make sure all the amenities are clearly listed on the website.

If there is a baby cot available, you should definitely mention the same. This is the chance for your hotel to impress the parents, so make the most of it.

2. Group bookings

When families look for discounts, they tend to engage more families and then travel in groups. This not only doubles their fun but is also beneficial for you as well. Therefore, it is advisable that you offer discounts on group bookings, especially on weekends. People are booked accordingly if relevant information is provided to them on your official website.

3. Hassle-free check-in

Hotel arrival and check-in can be stressful at times, especially after a long journey with children. This is another chance for your hotel to give the first good impression. Make sure if they have a small baby, the crib is ready.

If they have missed something like diapers, baby wipes, formula milk, etc. make sure, you make it available to them from the nearest store. They will certainly love your gesture and appreciate your offer to assist them.

4.  Surprise them with something new

You can surprise the families with the following:

  • Kid’s Zone: Parents love kids’ zone, a place that has toys and everything else that will make their child occupied. Parents also need some quality time together with each other. This is the reason they want a kid’s zone which is within the premises of the hotel and is safe.
  • Value-added deals: These deals will help families to choose you over your competitors. Complementary meals or family get together with the other families residing in the same hotel will double the fun. Fun games will make kids and parents both happy.
  • Early bird for breakfast and dinner:

You can offer discounts on breakfast and dinners so that you are done with your guests quickly. It is great if you provide kids with a special meal or portion size. Add something to your restaurant menu that they will love eating.

5. Optional babysitting service

best hotel room in Bakersfield provides babysitting services. Many wish to spend more quality time with their partner during a vacation but that is not possible because of their kid/kids. Therefore, some of them wish they could get a babysitting facility.

So, you can have an optional nanny service as per their requirement. Some may need a nanny to take care of their kid for an hour while others may need her for 4-5 hours while they stroll the city. Let the parents know that they have the option to sit back and relax while your hotel takes care of their kids.

6. Wellness and care

Entertainment and amenities are not the only things that attract the attention of the families during their stay in the hotel. It is also the reassurance that they will be spending the best time there. While you are promoting your hotel services, make sure you are also promoting well-being as a priority.

Make sure you have a good relationship with the nearest healthcare provider who can be called upon and reached at the earliest whenever required. Also, train your staff so that they are able to provide first aid in case of injuries or mishappenings. Parents will certainly love your hotel for this.

Key takeaways

Family vacations are not always about having a loud, noisy, and fun-filled extravaganza. Before making their final decision, parents look for various amenities provided by a family-friendly hotel so that everyone can spend quality time together in the new environment. As a hotel owner, it is important for you to take out some time to understand what is important to the parents and their kids and then highlight and promote them. Duniya Hotel is the Best hotel in Bakersfield California that gives you time to blossom your bond with your family. We understand your requirements and that is why we have the best offers that will make the most out of your vacation. You get easy check-in and check-out. With us, you will always feel, secure, satisfied, and smiling.


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