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Productivity is one of those things that we all want to juggle more of. Whether it’s increased productivity at work or at home, or trying to have a little more fun in life, we’re all looking for ways to be more productive with our time. So, here are 5 apps that I use on a regular basis to help me maximize my productivity. For more movies app, Please Visit Sonyliv Com


Trello is a simple and intuitive tool for all project management-related activities you need to undertake. Both, personal as well as professional projects can be managed with this app. The easy-to-use interface ensures that anyone can operate Trello without prior experience. With this, you will never feel overwhelmed and confused on how your tasks are kept in check.


You may not know it, but you’re probably already using a productivity app in your daily life. From Zendesk to Google Drive, you can use platforms to get work done better, faster, and from more places. Evernote is a note taking app that can be used for a variety of purposes.

From e-books to one-off recipes from your favorite food blog, there’s no limit to what you can store in Evernote. It’s like your very own personal assistant who is always available to help you with important stuff! Just don’t make the mistake of punching him/her when they fail. For more Info, Please Click Queenslandmax com


Timely is an amazing iPhone app that allows users to schedule their tweets and Facebook posts so they never miss a reminder. If you’re interested in scheduling Twitter updates, this app is worth consideration.

It’s free and completely accessible via your web browser, too. It also allows users to sync multiple accounts and is even compatible with Hootsuite (a scheduling app I already mentioned above) so that you can use them together.

Focus Booster

Focus booster is a to-do list manager app for iPhone. At least, that’s what I’ve found it to be great for. I don’t think this is particularly unique as there are a lot of different task list apps out there with similar features. I’ve found that it works great for me and my needs, though!

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Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar for your to-do lists and tasks. This application makes it easy to share your schedule with others and keep track of multiple calendars. You can also download Google Calendar on multiple devices and see events or reminders when you’re out and about. You can also access Google Calendar using Gmail. One of the best things about Google Calendar is that it’s completely free.

Rescue Time

Rescue time is a great tool and app to use if you’re looking to improve your focus and productivity. This is a free time tracking system that helps you manage and see where your time is being spent while you’re on the computer. The way it works is it monitors your websites, applications and how much time is spent on each website or application in your day.

From there, it calculates which sites offer the highest value to your job or career so you can get more done in less time. Things I love about Rescue Time are the reports that are generated and the ability to change these configurations at any given time so you don’t have to worry about things changing without knowing it.


Slack is the fastest growing business application ever, for a reason. The messaging app allows teams (and even individuals) to communicate more efficiently and get more stuff done in less time through shared workspaces and threaded conversations.


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