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NGOs have been instrumental in bridging the gap between remote beneficiaries of government programmes and those in more populated areas. The Right to Information Act and the Right to Education Act are two groundbreaking laws. They played a crucial role in enabling the  formation of Self Help Groups, an essential component of rural development.                                                       

The excellent work done by NGOs over the past decades has helped them grow and strengthen – a snapshot of which can be seen at best NGO websites in India. Many of them have impacted the society in true sense, and some are still working hard and giving back to their communities. Here is the list of best NGO websites in India that are gradually bringing about economic recovery and development. 

Save the Children

Save the Children is among the best NGO websites in India, present in in 16 states of the country. They are strongly committed to ensuring that children survive and thrive as they believe every child deserves the best shot at a bright future. They take whatever steps are necessary to save children from various forms of harm.. Save the Children works in India to address the issues of children and provides relief during emergencies. Their innovative programmes meet the unique needs of children by providing them with a healthy start, the chance to learn, and safety from danger. They are among the first to react in times of crisis and the last to go. They are vocal advocates of children’s causes,, ensuring that their concerns are given top priority, and their voices are heard. Save the Children tackle the most challenging problems for the children who are the hardest to reach, especially those who are unfairly left out of the world’s advancement. Save the Children has saved more than 14 million lives till march 2022. 

YUVA Unstoppable 

YUVA Unstoppable is an NGO which aims to mobilise the youth’s strength and vigour to bring about social change in India. The NGO’s current initiative aims to improve kids’ lives at the base of the food chain. It also aims to give deprived children access to clean drinking water, youth activities, sanitation, and other extracurricular activities. The organisation is impacting the lives of over 6 lac children across 14 states.


When it comes to taking care of senior citizens, there is no better option than HelpAge. It is one of the best NGO websites in India. The NGO primarily serves seniors in collaboration with several Senior Citizens Associations. HelpAge promotes issues like the universal pension, elder abuse prevention, and senior-friendly laws. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the NGO worked nonstop to address the health problems and loneliness of the underprivileged old population, who were particularly vulnerable to infection and suffered significantly from social isolation.

Myna Mahila Foundation

The Myna Mahila Foundation distributes sanitary pads in Mumbai’s slums while employing neighbourhood women to produce them. These pads are not only reasonably priced, but they also significantly enhance menstruation hygiene. The group promotes women’s networks, hires women, and enhances menstruation hygiene and health. In addition, Myna has established a secure environment in the neighbourhood where women can openly discuss the problems they experience.

SaveLIFE Foundation

It is an NGO dedicated to enhancing India’s emergency medical services and traffic safety. The organisation, established in 2008, integrates evidence-based research with advocacy for public policy, outreach, and project implementation on the ground in crash prevention and post-crash response.


This NGO seeks to develop a more stable and secure Asia. SEEDS’ straightforward but effective objective is to safeguard those at risk from natural disasters. To assist families impacted by quakes, floods, cyclones, climate events, and pandemics, their devoted staff collaborates with local and national governments, businesses, and other organisations. It is one of the best NGO websites in India regarding security from natural disasters. It specialises in rebuilding homes and neighbourhood infrastructure as well as disaster response and preparedness.


This Delhi-based NGO gives the underprivileged dignity through traditional knowledge and local resources. For more than 20 years, Goonj has sparked widespread civic engagement in matters including rural infrastructure, water scarcity, education, and disaster relief.


One of the most notable NGOs in India, it emphasises quality education through cutting-edge education. Despite being established in 1995, Pratham is still looking for innovative ways to ensure that kids learn and grow. It works directly with children and teenagers in 22 Indian states and union territories.


This rights-based capacity-building NGO was founded in 1992. In India, it was a pioneer in the fight against sexual harassment and child abuse. The Vishaka Guidelines 1997, which inspired the creation of POSH (2013), were the brainchild of Sakshi, who has also worked tirelessly to change the law and institute kid-friendly procedures in the courts.


Sightsavers is a global non-governmental organisation that collaborates with partners in underdeveloped nations to treat and prevent avoidable blindness and advance equality for those with visual impairments and other disabilities.

These best NGO websites in India have significantly contributed to solving many widespread issues in our nation, such as the lack of education among children. For instance, with your help, Save the Children, one of India’s top non-governmental organisations, regularly works to build a better place for children.

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