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Hard water can cause dull, dry, and damaged hair that lacks volume. It gives your hair a rough feeling and makes it brittle. The minerals and salts in hard water build up on the strands and weigh down the hair. So, you end up with a bunch of split ends and broken hairs. Ayurveda has many natural remedies to reinvigorate your hair with the vital nutrients it needs for regrowth, softness, and sheen.

Hard water is caused by the high mineral content in groundwater. Hardness in water is measured using the calcium carbonate scale. Fortunately, steps can be taken to soften water and make it suitable for use. Your scalp is delicate, and the minerals found in hard water can eventually lead to your hair falling out. Water that contains calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc accelerates the thickening of the hair shaft caused by keratin. If you want to eliminate the problem rather than wait for it to go away, switch to a different type of water or buy a home water filter.

Hard water washes are certainly damaging for your tresses. Hair loss can be a major problem after a long time of exposure to hard water, causing severe breakage. If you do not have soft water, install a shower filter, water softener, or RO installation at your home. You can check the water softener price. These devices remove the traces of minerals from hard water and help you keep your hair safe.

If you wash your hair every day with hard water, it leaves the hair dry and completely weak due to chloride exposure. However, mixing certain minerals like chloride in drinking water can benefit you but in excess amounts, it can cause a lot of damage. Let’s consider a simple example: when you take a trip to the sea, the water that you use to wash your hair in your hotel often leaves your hair feeling dry. This is the result of chloride exposure in the coastal area. Your hair doesn’t grow in the shower. It grows out of your scalp and needs nutrition and moisture to keep it that way. Hard water will dry out your hair follicles, leaving them weak and damaged and your hair with a dull appearance. Calcium deposits can clog up your hair follicles, creating a surprising loss of hair.

Calcium and magnesium ions bind the hair shaft and create rough, weak, and brittle hair. Detected in the water supply by a special machine called an ion analyzer, these ions interfere with the natural hair growth process by preventing your hair from growing and being properly hydrated. The minerals on your hair also weigh it down making it difficult to style. Salt or chloride exposure dries your hair shafts making them prone to breakage. If not prevented on time, this leads to frizz, discoloration, dandruff, and gradual hair thinning.

Hard water can end up causing your hair to fade out way before time. This happens due to copper in hard water reacting with the developer in your hair color and giving you unwanted shades. Hard water can cause many problems for your hair and scalp. Signs of hard water damage on hair include dry, frizzy, dull hair that has split ends, itchy scalp due to mineral build-up, limp, weighed down hair that is difficult to style, gradual hair loss due to blockage of hair follicles, frail and discolored strands that are prone to tangles and breakage. To eliminate hard water damage on hair, try using a salon-quality conditioner with a deep cleansing formula.

If the water you are using becomes the main damage-causing agent, it is time to take action. Water Softeners Nutrient Shampoo for Hard Water Hair Loss uses nutrients, essential oils, and antioxidants specially formulated to tackle hair loss caused by hard water. The shampoo goes beyond neutralizing hard water with its hypoallergenic formula that nourishes your hair with vital nutrients, Omega fatty acids, and antioxidants.

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