The heading seems confusing, right? You might think, what the hell! Why should I clean my teenage son’s room? He is more than capable of cleaning the room all by himself. But, just because he is capable, does it mean he will do it? The answer might be a plain No. Have you been to his room lately? The room looks like a war zone. You have a clean carpet area outside his door. But the moment you go in, you feel like you have stepped inside a garbage can. The room reeks of sweat and feet. Worry not! Continue reading this article to learn practical tips that will help you clean your son’s room.

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Don’t Do It: The most important lesson anyone can give a parent is this: Never do your children’s work for them. If you start cleaning the room, your son will be dependent on you for the job. He will never want to take responsibility and do the job himself. Therefore, you must be firm in your approach. Go into his room and make him clean the same. There is no point in politely requesting him to clean his room. You must stand your ground and make him do it.

  • Break his workload into different sections to make it easier for him to complete the task. If you do not start small, your son will get easily overwhelmed and abandon the whole project. For example, tell him to gather all the dirty clothes into a basket first. Once he has done the work, instruct him to do another job.
  • Your son may ask for your help to clean the room. Be firm, and do not help him. He needs to learn to clean it all by himself. All you can do is instruct him on how to do it; that should be the extent of your help.

Investigate: While in his room, try to find out more about him. Kids these days are very secretive about their world. They do not open up to their parents. It is hard for parents to keep track of their children. So, when you enter his room, try to find out what he is hiding. Don’t be shocked if you find a pack of cigarettes under his bed. Instead of confronting him with the evidence, try and find out what made him take up smoking. Inform him about the perils of such bad behavior and how it can negatively affect him.

Hire Professionals: Some teenage boys make their rooms look like a dustbin can; you would not believe your own eyes until you see them. They have accumulated months of junk and do not bother cleaning the room. You need professional help to clean the room. For example, professional hard floor cleaning services in Sonoma, CA, can help you clean the room fast. When you have guests coming over and don’t have time to do a thorough cleanup, you can always trust the professionals to help you clean the house. They use environmentally conscious cleaning products that do not emit harmful fumes.


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