Tips On Choosing The Top Honeymoon Destinations In 2023 

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According to some travel reports, 2023 is expected to be a big year for honeymoons. The pandemic might have affected the travel plans for newlyweds between 2019-2021, but that will change in the coming year. 

And the approach to the honeymoon has changed too. Couples are now looking forward to bigger, better, and grander romantic escapades to destinations that combine adventure, fun, relaxation, and a romantic touch enveloping it all. 

If you’re one of those tying the knot this year, these top honeymoon destinatoins 2023 will ensure you create beautiful memories for a lifetime. They include the best holiday spots in the world, like St. Lucia, Bora Bora, Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, and the Maldives. 

White sandy beaches dotted with palm trees, huts standing on crystal clear turquoise waters, ample water sports opportunities, rich culture, fascinating history, and a dreamy environment make these places a hit amongst honeymooners. 

But what tips will you find helpful while planning your honeymoon to destinations such as the ones above? What unique experiences do they have to offer? Read on to find out.

How to choose a destination? 

The place you choose for your honeymoon depends mainly on the type of experience you and your partner are after and what excites you both. Here are some things to consider.

Water sports

Are you and your partner avid water sports enthusiasts? Is your idea of a honeymoon diving into the deep waters to swim with marine life or cutting across the waters at high speed on a pair of skis?

Some places that stand out for their excellent water sports opportunities are Jamaica, Bora Bora, Antigua, Aruba, Tahiti, Barbados, Anguilla, and St. Kitts and Nevis. 

Offbeat experiences

If you want to try something offbeat or do things a little less touristy, there are plenty of opportunities for that. For example, did you know that you could go swimming with wild pigs, take photographs of iguanas up close, visit a rum distiller, make personalized chocolates, or roll cigars in the Bahamas?

Or maybe head towards a country like Grenada, highly coveted by honeymoon couples for its Grand Anse Beach, which stretches for two miles and is situated close to St. George’s, the capital city.

History and sightseeing

Are you both history buffs who love exploring places steeped in history? There are several beach destinations that have more than their fair share of history. You can enjoy some time at the beach, try water sports, and then enjoy some historical sightseeing.

St. Lucia, Hawaii, Bali, Grenada, and Anguilla are the top places for history lovers. St. Lucia has fortifications from the colonial era on Pigeon Island, dating back to World War 2. You can even go hiking to Signal Peak and Rodney Fort, both of which offer magnificent views of the island.

Hawaii abounds in historical attractions, including the Kawaiahao church, the old sugar mill, the Kalaupapa leprosy settlement, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum has a flight simulator that is a hit with couples and extremely cheap (costing just 10 USD per person). 


You should consider the cost when choosing a destination depending on your budgetary limitations. Some places are more expensive than others. 

For instance, Hawaii is expensive compared to St. Lucia, while Jamaica is affordable. If you’re holidaying in Bali, be prepared to spend a decent amount of money, as it ranks amongst the costliest places in Southeast Asia. However, accommodations and food are reasonably priced. 

These are some tips for choosing the top honeymoon destinatoins in 2023. Adventure, nature, history, sightseeing, and fun, these places have it all. They will offer you ample opportunities to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime and that you look upon with fondness. 


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