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Do you have an open house coming up and want to advertise your property in the most effective manner possible? Try open house postcards, a simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use marketing tool that attracts potential buyers effectively. 

The postcard is an effective way to reach clients you don’t have a relationship with or people who haven’t been to your open houses yet. But what are some tips for designing postcard templates for open houses, and why should you consider hiring a company specializing in these campaigns? Find out food outlets.

How do these postcards look?

The postcards are usually printed in color and mailed out to targeted neighborhoods. These can be used for advertising one home or many homes concurrently. The card’s design will vary depending on how many properties are being advertised and their location (for example, downtown vs. suburban areas).

What makes them so effective?

Postcards are time-saving because clients don’t need to stop at multiple agencies’ offices when looking at properties during their search process. Instead, they can look through their mailboxes every day until something catches their eye! Postcards also allow agents more opportunities than ever because there aren’t any restrictions on the number of properties listed.

Tips for designing an Open House Template

Use the right design

The design is your first impression. Think about what message you want to convey, who you’re sending it to, and how your clients will react when they receive it. You shouldn’t have too much information on your card; use a simple font in a color that matches the image or graphic on the front of your postcard.

Use color wisely

The color of text should match its background; for example, if you have light-colored text over a dark background (like black), then use white or yellow as well as reds and blues so that readers can easily read all of the information on your card without straining their eyes too much.

Make sure there are no spelling errors

When designing a template, make sure there aren’t any spelling errors. Spelling errors will lead potential buyers away from making an offer on one of your listings because it would reflect carelessness on your part. 

Benefits of hiring a company

Here are the advantages of hiring a company specializing in postcard campaigns for real estate.

Modifiable postcard templates 

You can choose from several real estate postcard designs. And because the templates work with Adobe InDesign, you can modify them in your browser without complications. 

Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking

While you’ll have to wait up to a week or two for the postcard to be delivered, you can track your mail campaign in real-time. You can see how many people open their mailings, click links inside of them (including those generated by forms), and fill out forms when they arrive at the property. It makes it easy to build a picture of what’s working in your open-house marketing strategy over time.

Use a List Builder

Many companies offer a list builder, making it easy for you to create lists in a particular area or subdivision. You also have the option to create your lists and decide which ones you want to include in the mailing. The company will update your list per the National Change of Address database, allowing your postcards to reach the homeowners even if they have shifted from their old homes.

Automated Seller Valuation Templates

You can mail postcards containing unique links, which, when opened by the recipient, will let them know their home’s total worth. When they click on the link, the system will record their email address, letting you know the person asking for the valuation. 

All in all, open house postcards will help promote your property and get the required response. They are inexpensive to get your message out there and don’t require much effort. 


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