Things You Need To Understand About Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms have been gaining a spotlight in the news for their effects on the mind and body. Canada, one of the boldest countries, has become one of the few countries to make the consumption of Psilocybin legal for people with terminal illnesses, such as depression and other mental problems. Canada has a history of mushrooms and their production, and no study in British Columbia is complete without referring to “Magic Mushrooms.” Gaining attention in 1957 through an article written by R. Gordon Wasson titled Great Adventures III: Seeking the Magic Mushroom, hallucinogenic mushrooms became popular.

In Canada, the sale of marijuana was widespread before the country legalized it, and the sellers seek to duplicate the pattern for magic mushrooms to provide benefits to consumers suffering from depression or mental illnesses. The consumption of Shrooms, however, due to Psilocybin, is considered illegal in many places. But the Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada seeks to legalize the use and sale by selling them openly.

What Are Magic Mushrooms? How Do They Impact The Human Body?

Magic Mushrooms, also known as Shrooms or Psilocybin Mushrooms, refer to fungal plants containing a psilocybin substance. These are naturally occurring compounds and are not produced by any artificial methods. By nature, the substance in these mushrooms acts with the receptors or receiving brain cells to provide a psychedelic experience, which calms down the gushing bloodstream and relaxes the mental muscles. 

There are almost around 180-200 species of magic mushrooms containing hallucinating substances. Bodily functions break down Psilocybin to produce a compound called psilocin which has psychoactive effects. It is very similar to serotonin in the human body. It thus produces similar results like regulating mood swings, controlling the sleep cycle, and dealing with stress-coping mechanisms. Psilocybin activates the same receptors in the mind that serotonin reacts with to calm the body without giving artificial signals. 

The substance stops the brain’s normal functioning by introducing imagination, perception, and hallucination. It allows the brain to connect unnaturally to influence mood and body changes. In this manner, the mind relaxes and calms down. 

What Are Different Varieties Of Magic Mushrooms Available?

Shrooms come in many forms and varieties, making a choice overwhelming. The Magic Mushroom Dispensary In Canada offers numerous options to provide a luxury experience in choosing the item. With its history of decriminalizing mind-relaxing drugs, Canada has helped more patients with mental illness than any other country. Canada is one of the few countries to legalize this for patients. 

The varieties are offered to serve the needs of everyone who needs microdosing magic mushrooms in one form or the other. The most common forms are fresh, dried shrooms, powdered, and consuming mushrooms. The different forms include capsules, teas, infusions, etc. 

What Are The Uses And Effects?

The uses of psilocybin range from medical to microdosing, helping various patients suffering from mental and physical diseases. 

Medical Uses

Researchers have recommended the use of shrooms in the medical field. These are mainly used to help with the following diseases:

  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • PTSD
  • Opioid Addiction 


This cures cluster headaches. It refers to using shrooms by self-dosing them in smaller amounts for mental health. One should ensure that the substance is pure and taken in the proper doses if taken outside a clinical setting. 

The Effects

  • It relaxed the mind and bodily functions. 
  • It calms the nerves to prevent anxiety. 
  • They help with headaches and body aches. 
  • It influences the mood and provides a new setting to hallucinate and think innovatively. 
  • It enables the person to have auditory hallucinations, often making them forget about depression.


If taken carefully, magic mushrooms help people in positive ways. There are many ways to buy them online and offline, but choosing the right product and seller is the key. The primary considerations one needs to take before buying them are how they are grown and how pure they are. 


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