The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Baby Registry

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If you or your partner is pregnant, adopting, or engaged in surrogacy, there’s one thing that most parents opt to do before they welcome their next child: set up the baby registry.

Baby registry cards are ideal for many reasons. Family, friends, and coworkers are likely ecstatic to gift you presents, and registries provide an easy and convenient method to make it happen. The more you register, the better you have of receiving exactly what you’ve been hoping for and the items you need. They’re also a great way to keep track of the baby products you’d like to purchase, have received, and will need.

The thing is, putting together a baby registry isn’t easy. There’s plenty to consider, particularly at the time when you’re not looking for new things to tackle.

We’re using our baby registry knowledge to guide you with the process. We’re addressing some of the top questions regarding the baby registry. We will guide you step-by-step through how to make the most appropriate registry to accommodate your entire family, filled with items you’ll be using when your new baby is born.

Baby Registry FAQ

We may not know everything at Babylist. However, there’s one thing we’re fairly certain about regarding the baby registry. These are the most frequently asked concerns, along with the answers our registry experts get asking.

What is the best time to make my baby’s registry?

There’s no one right solution to this issue because the answer will depend on your comfortable timeline. Some parents set up a registry at the close of the 1st trimester, and others hold off until a little further along. Some parents begin their registry after discovering the baby’s gender but don’t start adding items until the 20-week mark, and that’s close to the time that the anatomical scan occurs.

Remember that the majority of registry services offer a “private” mode, so you’re the only person to view this registry until the time you opt to open it to the public. Learn more about hot and trendy topics in parenting, and visit

When should I make my baby’s registry open to the public?

If you’re planning baby showers, ensure your registry is up and running when the invitations are sent out. If not, publish the registry whenever you’re comfortable; however, towards the beginning of the 3rd trimester is usually an acceptable time frame.

What happens if you’d like your family and friends to view your registry but aren’t comfortable having it openly public? It’s fine too. Many registry-building websites permit users to use an individual link to share your registry with only those you’d like to have access to it.

What number of items should I put on the baby’s registry?

In 2018 Babylist users were able to register 121 items registered on their registry. Don’t be hung up on an amount; register for the one you feel is right. You can modify or remove items as you go.

Do you have to request money?

The majority of registries have cash-fund options. If not, they may provide gift cards, help, and favors. Do not hesitate to add them to your wish list.

Can I add major purchases to my baby’s registry?

Yes! Your loved ones are interested in knowing what you truly desire and require, so adding the crib, stroller, or another item that may cost more is not a problem. Many registries, like Babylist, offer group gifts, allowing people to contribute the amount they wish to the item or even completely fund it.

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