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In the reality dating programme Are You The One (2014), pre-matched couples must strive to find their alleged perfect mates by going on dates and merely mingling with other people. They had to determine every potential match before the cast members of the show were paired using an algorithm. Every episode has a pair who go through a truth booth to see whether they are a good fit or not.

Despite its contentious matching algorithms and the normal reality TV interactions that take place on the show, the reality dating series is very popular. The programme is still quite well known among viewers, nevertheless. We have included all of the information about Are You The One season 4 matches that fans of the programme would need. Let’s examine what is known about the matches from Are You The One season 4 and their current whereabouts.

Where Are The Cast Members Now? – season 4 are you the one matches

Season 4 of Are You The One premiered on June 13 and ran until August 22. The dating programme had a 20-member cast for its first 10 episodes. Ten perfect matches were highlighted on the show, and by the time it was over, the truth booth had uncovered four of them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the world of the Are You The One season 4 matches and find out what they have been up to in terms of their love lives as well as other areas of their lives since the season 4 finale.

Cast Members & Potential Perfect Matches for Are You The One Season 4

Let’s start by examining the actors and actresses who appeared in Are You The One season 4. Between the ages of 22 and 25, there were 10 male and 10 female members.

Truth Booth Matches | Are You The One Season 4 Matches

Truth booths basically meant that a couple chosen by the house members would find out if they are a perfect match or not. The number of ideal matches among the current pairs was another revelation made to the entire cast by the truth booth.

A pair will stay together for the duration of all subsequent episodes if they are successful in finding their ideal match at one of the truth booths. Let’s investigate the season 4 are you the one matches were successful in finding their ideal mate during the truth booth sessions.

Season 4 are you the one matches: Where Are They Now?

  1. Mikala Thomas and Cameron Kolbo

One of the first couples for the season to be officially confirmed was Cameron Kolbo and Mikala Thomas. The two were attracted to one another right away and decided to continue exploring their connection after the programme.

The pair split up in 2017, despite the fact that they were featured in season 4 are you the one matches: Second Chances.

Right now, Cameron Kolbo is having fun travelling and learning about everything. Mikala Thomas, on the other hand, is a well-known influencer with a sizable social media following. She and Joe Torgerson have been together for a while, and they are currently engaged.

  1. Alyssa Ortiz and Sam Handler

Because of their closeness, Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz were one of the most eagerly awaited couples in season 4 are you the one matches. Despite the fact that the couple was not able to put themselves to the test until the sixth episode. Throughout the season, both of them were frequently seen together and had a great pairing all together.

Despite being a perfect match, they both chose against considering a relationship since they both agreed they were not a suitable fit. Sam Handler has been very quiet about his life since then, so we don’t know where he is right now.

On the other side, Alyssa is currently employed with Salvi Media as a producer. Additionally, the woman is allegedly dating Kevin Melaniphy. But none of them have released a statement about it in the media.

  1. Prosper Muna and Emma Sweigard

Early in the season, Prosper Muna and Emma Sweigard bonded and felt an immediate connection to one another. The pair, however, broke up after it became clear that they were a fantastic match. Since they had no romantic feelings for one another, the pair decided they would not pursue a relationship.

Prosper Muna ultimately decided to pursue a career in singing after season 4 are you the one matches. The man is married and today has a successful singing career. Additionally, he is the father of three kids.

Emma Sweigard, who is currently known as Emma Miller, is also wed to Mitchell Miller. Currently, the woman runs a cosmetics business that engages customers mostly on Instagram.

  1. Julia Rose & Cam Bruckman

Cam Bruckman and Julia Rose were a surprising match because neither of them seemed interested in the other. Nobody was overly surprised when the pair decided against having a romantic connection. Throughout the season, the pair didn’t give any attention to one another and were only interested in other individuals.

Currently, Cam is wed to Carolina Duarte, a contestant from Are You The One season 5, and the two are having a nice and happy marriage. The host of the podcast “The Sh*tshow,” Julia Rose, has been dating popular YouTuber Jake Paul.

In addition to these ideal pairings, several unexpected partnerships also began. For instance, before breaking up, Tori Deal and Morgan St. Pierre spent some time exploring their relationship. Similar to this, Stephen McHugh and Julia Rose dated for a while and co-founded a digital magazine. Stephen, though, intends to maintain a low profile at this time.

After the season concluded, members Tyler, John, Camille, and Victoria made the decision to maintain a very low profile. However, in different entertainment-related industries, Kaylen, Asaf, Francesca, and Nicole have all made names for themselves.

  1. Asaf Goren & Kaylen Zahara

Despite being one of the couples on the show, Goren and Kaylen shown the least enthusiasm in getting to know one another. Despite this, they considered giving their romance another opportunity, but things between the two were not easy.

You’ll be shocked to learn that Asaf is married and had a son in April 2022 with musician Mayaan Rudich. On the other hand, Kayle is still unmarried and open to dating. 

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Final Words

We have covered all the details you could need to know about the season 4 are you the one matches and their present lives. We sincerely hope you liked reading about the matches from Are You The One season 4 and whether the couples are still together.


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