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News sources are often categorized by their level of reliability, with high-quality sources being those with the best reputation for accuracy and consistency. The quality classification may be applied to individual news agencies or to the news they produce. It agencies such as Reuters and AP, print newspapers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and television stations such as CNN are considered by most people as reliable sources of information about current events.

The New York Times is also regarded as a credible newspaper because it has been in existence for more than 150 years and has won awards for its investigative journalism and accuracy.

What is the news?

The first known use of the phrase was in 1835 by The Times newspaper in London. The term “news agency” has come to be synonymous with news reporting agencies that supply news to the media outlets that are then allowed to publish the story. News agencies often have their governments and correspondents in foreign countries. This would include journalists who cover foreign countries for an international wire service such as Reuters or Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The term has its origins in the Latin word “nuntius”, which means “messenger”. The earliest forms of reporting were in the form of oral reports from travelers who returned with tales of their journeys. These stories were then written down and transmitted by word of mouth or written down and transmitted by print or postal service.

How to Read the News?

Organizations do not just report the report; they create it as well. They gather information and make decisions about what to report and how to present it. The role of the news person is to provide information in an accurate and timely manner while maintaining credibility with the audience.

It has organizations use a variety of methods to obtain their stories including interviews, observation, and research

Advantages and features of reading news

They may deliver in the form of an article (a summary), a letter to the editor, a report by a reporter (who may be present at the event), or an on-site broadcast.

News is often written by reporters who have covered a story and are writing about it for the first time. Reporting can also come from wire services such as Reuters or Associated Press; these agencies provide news updates via email or RSS feeds to hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the world.

Some report organizations has been directly involved in breaking major stories, such as APTN being involved in breaking the Watergate scandal which eventually led to Richard Nixon’s resignation as President.


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