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Having a 20,000-square-foot Eagle’s Nest structure is a huge draw for any playground. Children will love the Eagle’s Nest’s tumbling, swinging, and gliding capabilities. A separate toddler area is also a must. There are also a variety of boats and separate toddler areas. In addition to the large play structures, 메이저놀이터 are also popular for their unique features. The perfect playground can offer a variety of fun for kids of all ages.

20,000 square-foot Eagle’s Nest structure

The 20,000-square-foot Eagle’s Nest structure is an impressive addition to a popular Kitsap County playground. Designed by the American Parks Company, the structure offers 18 activities and can accommodate 50 children. The structure includes a double velocity slide, which provides social interaction, a single speedway slide with deck heights of four and six feet, a crawl tunnel, a Trestle Bridge, and a Rosetta roof that provide partial UV protection. The Eagle’s Nest structure is also equipped with foot holds for less confident children.

The hangar unit would have metal bi-fold doors that open north and south. The hangar would have a mezzanine area that would be four hundred and fifty square feet. The hangars would house one large corporate jet. The hangars would be adjacent to Merrill Avenue and would have metal bi-fold doors opening to the south. The Eagle’s Nest would be able to accommodate tenants with multiple planes, which would require a lot of space.

Pirate ship

The large playground ship evokes children’s love of adventure and exploration. Its many play features encourage physical activity, train motor skills, and inspire dramatic play scenarios. It also fosters language development and social skills and helps children develop cooperation. Children will love playing here for hours on end! The KOMPAN Pirate Ship is over 37 feet long and 22 feet tall. It can accommodate up to 43 children at a time.

Located in Broadneck Park, the new pirate ship was a collaboration between AA County Recreation and Parks and the Friends of Broadneck Park/BAYS. This 메이저놀이터 features an accessible swing and an interactive pirate ship. The area is free for children of all abilities to enjoy. It’s also a great way to get outside and get fresh air! The Pirate Ship Imagination Art Area is near the Bay and will require approval by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. This process can take several months.

Separate toddler area

If you’re looking for a large city playground with separate toddler areas, consider Cedar Point Park. This park is full of separate play structures for toddlers, including a cute zoo and a huge carousel. It also has a train ride and a beautiful walking trail. There’s a recently added toddler area with adorable animals and tall climb towers. The park also features slides and rock walls and a shady picnic area.

If your playground lacks a designated toddler area, consider adding one. Toddlers typically need a smooth surface to play on. They should be able to walk and run and should have a swing with a bucket shape. Playground surfaces should be made of rubber or wood chips, as they are more forgiving than other materials. You may also want to consider installing artificial surfaces, which require less maintenance. These playground surfaces are ideal for toddlers because they help reduce the risk of injury.


A playground boat is a great way to encourage creativity and socialization. Kids love playing on playground boats. Choose an appropriate color and design for your playground boat. You can find various components that resemble ships or sailboats. If you don’t know where to find these components, you can contact your local parks department. You can also visit your local parks department to discuss playground equipment options. A playground boat will be an excellent addition to any play area.

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