The Basics of a Luxury Home Community

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Many homeowners are curious about what makes a luxury home community. Often, it is about more than price and size.

Wealthy buyers want locations with access to high-end shopping, the arts, and proximity to other luxury homes and communities. A storied history also adds value. Other amenities include a home tennis court, a pool room, and a theater.


The location of a luxury home community can be just as important as the homes themselves. Luxury homes tend to be larger than most modern construction and are often located in coveted areas such as mountaintops or beachfront. They may also feature incredible master suites, upscale kitchens, and game rooms ideally designed for entertaining family and friends.

While many people think that price alone defines a luxury property, the truth is that it’s much more complex. It’s essential to learn more about what makes a community luxury and what features you should look for when choosing a luxury neighborhood.

For example, if you want to live in a luxury community, it’s essential to find one that offers thoughtfully cultivated landscaping, swimming pools, and golf courses. It would help if you also considered other lifestyle options, such as community events and social activities that help you get to know your neighbors. For example, a community like Audubon Lake offers plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities and access to local businesses, excellent schools, and family-friendly events.


Luxury homes are unique in that they’re often built to the tastes and lifestyle of their original owners, making them one-of-a-kind. That means you’ll likely find high-end materials like marble and exotic hardwoods, along with professional-grade appliances, in the kitchen.

Other desirable home amenities for luxury homes include a library. This space is designed to showcase a curated book collection and provide quiet retreats. Many luxury buyers also prefer digital showers, which allow them to customize the temperature, steam, lighting, and music for a personalized experience.

Gated communities are a common feature of luxury homes, offering privacy and security. These communities may have high walls and thick foliage to shield residents from outsiders, as well as restricted access to cars and people. This gives the community a sense of exclusivity and makes it feel like a private oasis. Other community features include golf courses, swimming pools, and tennis courts. These are often located in picturesque locations, such as among orange groves or overlooking beaches.


The design of a luxury home community truly sets it apart from other neighborhoods. From the architecture to the amenities, luxury homes often feature high-end choices like Italian marble flooring or bespoke light fixtures. They also include large entertainment rooms and spa-style bathrooms. These details create a sense of grandeur and extravagance that many buyers crave.

For example, a kitchen in a luxury home may have a space for catering or professional-grade appliances that are fit for a chef. They could also have large, open spaces for entertaining or relaxing in the backyard.

Additionally, these luxury communities often have beautiful landscaping and exteriors. They also tend to adhere to strict community guidelines and local codes. This ensures the neighborhood looks its best and reflects the developer’s brand. 

Community Identity

Luxury home community design extends beyond the opulent homes themselves. Luxury communities are usually designed with custom landscaping, pretty street lamps, and other architectural details.

Some luxury features, such as herringbone tile patterns and antique reclaimed wood flooring, are only sometimes seen in other homes but are a must-have for many high-end buyers. Others are more individualized, such as an infinity pool or decking made from elegant travertine or flagstone, innovative technology and home automation systems that allow residents to control lighting, security, and temperature remotely, or a spa with a heated outdoor shower.

A strong sense of community can provide peace of mind and a place where residents feel they belong.


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