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Telegram recently added a feature to register a website. The feature allows you to create your telegram login widget using a simple process. This guide will show you how to create and use this widget for your website or blog.

How to create a telegram login widget

You can create a telegram login(Telegram登录) widget on the telegram website, the telegram app, and from our bot.

To do this, go to the contacts menu and select “Create Widget”.

Enter your phone number and follow the instructions.

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How to register a telegram website

To register your telegram website(Telegram官网), you first need to register a web domain name with the provider of your choice. You can do this through the website of the provider and pay for it using a credit card or other payment methods provided by them. Once you have created a web domain name for yourself and paid for it, you can proceed with creating your telegram website by following these steps.

How to login on to your website

You can use the Telegram login widget on your website. To do this, first, register your domain name with the telegram messenger bot. The bot will then create a unique address for your website – similar to how websites work on the internet and in fact, it works like a blockchain system.

After this, you can set up and manage your username (what others see when they visit) and add as many users as you want using their phone numbers or email addresses. You can also make these users admins who have access to everything that goes on within the group chat room including deleting messages from members’ inboxes if necessary!

you can use the telegram login widget for your website

The Telegram login widget is a widget that allows you to log in to your website with your Telegram account. This is an easy way to log in to your website with your Telegram account.

Login robot

If you have a website or app, you can add the telegram login widget to it.

To do this, first, create an account on the chatbot builder in our admin panel. You will need to specify your bot’s name and link. Next, create a channel in which messages will be sent to users waiting for authorization with their code.

Note that when creating a bot through Telegram, use the following command:

“` /newsbot “`

Use of login widget

You can use the telegram login widget for your website. You can add this to a sidebar or footer, or anywhere on your website that makes sense. The link will be generated as https://telegram.me/login?redirect_uri=https://yourlinkhere.com/- you should replace https://yourlinkhere.com/ with a URL of your choosing, and then use that here instead of –

You’ll need to copy and paste the code above into an HTML file (notepad isn’t good enough), make sure it’s valid XHTML (you may have to switch off compatibility mode), and save it as index.html


The telegram login widget is very useful for users to log in. The main purpose of using this login widget is to make the user’s process easy and simple. In this article, we have provided you with some steps that will help in creating a telegram login widget for your website.


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