Summer Pedicure Colors you’ll Love This Season

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The feet are one of those parts of our body that we unconsciously forget the most in winter, but with the arrival of June and the warm temperatures, our feet are already crying out for us to get our sandals out of the closet. So if there is something that cannot be missing with the change of shoes, it is a professional summer pedicure.

You probably already know what are the clothing items that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this season or what are the star hairstyles for this season but do you know what are the trends in designs and colors for your nails this year?

Trends in Colors for your summer pedicure

Living Coral

Nail polishes in coral tones are par excellence the most flattering for all skin types. Specifically, the “Living coral”, which pays tribute to coral reefs, has been chosen by Pantone as the Color of the Year. So take note because it is a safe bet if you do not want to risk too much in your summer pedicure and it will be spectacular if you also combine it with your manicure, white jeans and a coral lipstick.

Whites and pastels: a must that never fails

Another bet with which you cannot fail in your summer pedicure, are soft tones such as pastels and whites. Contrary to dark colors, pastel and white tones favor light skin and will give your nails an elegant and summery air as well as a chic and romantic touch. The color “baby blue” , for example, is the new color that is  sweeping the catwalks  this season and that is that this powdery pale blue flatters all skin tones.

Glitter: the perfect ally on summer nights

We have already seen how glitter has invaded our cabinets and now it has also reached the world of nail polish. Do you dare to highlight your nails with a sparkly touch this season? Give life to your feet with a summer pedicure in Glitter tones, perfect to shine on summer nights. It will be great if you combine the glitter of one color with a normal nail polish of the same tone!

In addition to a good summer gel pedicure strips are also important part of pedicure, it is convenient that you take care of your feet as they deserve small details such as good hydration or taking care of your shoes can make the appearance of your feet improve considerably.


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