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Star Swim Schools is dedicated to developing industry-leading education, qualifications, professional development and business support practices for Swimming Teachers & Coaches. In addition, it offers best practice guidance for Swim School development pathways and initiatives.

Star Swim Schools Cranbourne & Clyde offer an excellent environment and state-of-the-art facilities to develop swimming skills in small classes with year-round heated pools for optimal learning experiences. Their focus on student comfort ensures an unforgettable experience!

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming classes Clyde North can be an excellent way to introduce your child to water and build trust between yourself and them. They can help your infant feel more at ease around it while giving you peace of mind if you own or live near a body of water.

Swimming can have numerous advantages for your baby, from developing coordination and motor skills, weight management, maintaining heart and lung health and relieving stress to alleviating anxiety. Swimming should be taught from an early age if possible so your little one will become an avid swimmer in later years.

When taking your baby for swimming lessons, they are in the safe hands of a fully certified swim instructor and may meet other children that attend similar classes – providing your little one with social interaction as well as providing them with exercise! Baby swimming lessons offer parents and their babies the perfect chance to bond together through water playtime – providing quality family time together!

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for toddlers provide children with a love of water while teaching life-saving skills that will last them throughout their lives. Our infant and toddler classes are led by qualified teachers with speciality qualifications in water safety teaching – parents/carers can remain in the pool during lessons to build confidence and provide additional learning support.

At Swim Journey we offer programs for toddlers aged 4 months to 3 years, building skill after skill until swimmers reach their goals and reach them on their Swim Journey. We recommend attending at least one lesson every week for maximum benefit!

Our swim classes teach infants and toddlers of all ages the vital lifesaving skill of rolling back on to their stomachs after going underwater, to get themselves out of the water quickly, and call for assistance – skills which create stronger bonds between swimmers and their parent/carer.

Preschool Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons can be invaluable life skills that should be introduced to children as soon as possible, both to teach them to swim but also reduce risks associated with water and build confidence around it.

Infant and toddler swimming classes at Swim for Life provide safe, supportive environments to build your child’s water skills in an atmosphere of support and safety. Our swim teachers are all nationally certified with specialization in teaching infants as well as possessing current CPR certificates, Working With Children checks and are certified in child protection practices.

Stepping up from Tadpole to our Swimboree program builds upon your child’s foundation in the pool. At this stage, they will work independently with their instructor on an organized program of songs, games and fun!

Children who complete our Turtle 1 and 2 levels are ready to discover the exciting world of swimming. In these levels, students learn propulsion techniques as they swim a distance of front crawl and backstroke stroke.

School Age Swimming Lessons

School age swimming lessons help children aged six or older establish safe water habits. At this stage, children learn advanced safety skills as they master breaststroke, single backstroke, front crawl or backstroke swimming over long distances as well as diving and swimming through obstacles.

Our youngest students ages six months to two and a half years are placed into our Seahorse group where they practice floating on their bellies or backs while also becoming comfortable being submerged and learning how to move limbs through water while practicing songs designed to promote learning.

Students enrolled in our Dolphin, Shark and Sea Lion 1 groups begin to glide and swim longer distances with less assistance as they develop the technique of “scooping” water with their arms. Flutter kicks are introduced at this level as well as kickboard use; it serves as the last preparatory step before moving on to elementary backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke lessons; students participating in races to foster healthy competition and endurance are strongly encouraged.

Adult Swimming Lessons

No matter your swimming goals–be they conquering fear of water, improving fitness or overall health through swimming, or competing at a competitive level–our fully qualified coaches have you covered. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced swimming lessons all year round for adults of all ages in evening, morning and weekend classes.

Adaptive lessons are tailored specifically for adults and children with special needs. Our highly trained instructors create an individualized lesson plan tailored specifically to you goals – this ensures confidence in the water while increasing independence.


Our specialized Swimming lessons Clyde North are an excellent way to develop your child’s water safety skills and teach them techniques they will need throughout their lives. Lessons take place in a warm indoor pool to provide comfort and reduce any risk of water sickness; class sizes are kept small to provide individual attention and care, and all teachers meet high professional standards; many also possess years of teaching experience and are fully certified to administer first aid and CPR as needed.


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