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Hardly any other invention has revolutionized water sports in recent years as much as the Stand-Up Paddle. It combines the movements of surfing with the easy handling of a paddleboat and at the same time offers users a secure stand. From this, the environment can be experienced from a completely new angle and an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board also proves to be a compact companion during transport.

For whom is the Stand Up Paddle suitable?

Stand Up Paddling is a trend sport that appeals to a broad target group. In addition to experienced water sports enthusiasts, best type of longboard for dancing and more beginners are also enjoying the flexibility of the inflatable Stand Up Paddles. Thanks to our stand-up paddle model Ariki KID, this sport is also something for the whole family.

What types of Stand Up Paddles are there?

Basically, a distinction is made between a fixed SUP and an iSUP. These are inflatable and therefore very easy to store. This flexibility makes them much more practical.

How do I find the right SUP board?

This is mainly due to the type of use. For most, an all-around board is probably more suitable. If you want something a little sportier, you will certainly make the right choice with a racing & touring board like our Mapuna.

Does Stand Up Paddle help with my training?

Absolutely! It helps with holistic training, increases endurance, and appeals to many muscle groups such as the back muscles and upper and lower arms. Even yoga is possible on a Stand-Up Paddle.

What is the best Stand Up Paddle for beginners?

An all-around stand-up paddle for inflating is ideal for beginners. Above all, you should pay attention to large dimensions in terms of length and width. In combination with a 3-fin system and a non-slip deck pad, you can familiarize yourself with the rudder movement thanks to a secure stand. We recommend the Stand Up Paddle Ariki and Moana to get started. An all-around SUP board also has the advantage that you can use it long after practice.

Is there also a SUP board for children?

There are also suitable stand-up paddles for the family outing. We offer the SUP board Ariki, which is available in three different sizes. The smallest size has been specially made for children and allows your offspring to gain their first experience in Stand Up Paddling. Safety features such as a spiral leash, a non-slip EVA coating, and the so-called rocker profile are important. 

Information & frequently asked questions about the Stand-Up Paddle

Even if the name of the Stand-Up Paddle should be self-explanatory, many wonder about its function. Just stand on a surfboard and start paddling? Don’t you immediately fall into the water? Of course not! Since such a Stand-Up Paddle is inflatable, it proves to be a faithful and stable companion on the surface of the water. Gliding elegantly and briskly over the water is thus not only very fun, but also an easily accessible and sporty leisure activity. How to master locomotion and find the best Stand Up Paddle for your needs can be found in the following chapters.

SUP board – that’s behind Stand Up Paddling

From a distance, Stand Up Paddling is a bit reminiscent of a romantic tour with a Venetian gondola, where you take on the role of helmsman yourself. The comparison is not entirely absurd, because the stability is similar. As well as the all-around view and the calm water position, with which the board can be steered smoothly through the water. Die-hard surfers would probably be able to get around on the surfboard, but the SUP board is much more comfortable in terms of the footprint, the surface finish, and the balance. This makes it suitable for a wide range of people interested in water sports who are looking for a balance between active exercise and deceleration. On the Stand-Up Paddle, both components can be combined well and ensure an incomparable driving experience. The SUP boards are less suitable for waves, but above all for calm waters in inland and coastal areas.

The history of Stand Up Paddling

The cult comes from Hawaii: Stand Up Paddling is still a young trend sport in Europe. Stand-up paddling has its origins in Asia, where fishermen, in particular,mini longboards  made use of the technology. Off the coasts of Hawaii, the Stand Up Paddle gained cult status during the 20th century and was initially used in the field of surf training.

Surfing is fun independent of wind and waves

A very decisive advantage of a SUP board is the wide range of possible uses. While wind and waves are an important basis for surfing, a Stand-Up Paddle makes good progress even in the doldrums. This makes the sport particularly interesting for inland lakes because here currents and wind influences are significantly lower than on the coast. But here, too, it has become apparent in recent years that the water has become much calmer in the warm summer months. Ideal conditions to switch to the Stand-Up Paddle. Depending on the design, weight, and experience of the user, the board can also be used as a longboard for surfing.

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